Cosmo Online Hunk Paul Jake Castillo: Flirty First Date

For a fresh start as we usher in 2011, we're giving you one of the freshest, cutest faces in showbiz as this month's featured hottie!

Happy New Year, Cosmo girls! To give you a breath of fresh air for a fun, fab 2011, we picked a hot, fresh celeb with such a bright, cute face to be this month's Online Hunk--Paul Jake Castillo.

Before his stint in Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, 26-year-old Paul Jake had already accomplished so much, at his young age. Although he grew up in a wealthy family, he worked hard to put up his own business at the age of 22. That's why they nicknamed him Negosyo King and Richie Rich when he entered PBB.

It's no surprise that he has a huge fan base. Through his supporters' votes, he emerged the second Big Winner at PBB's final tally during the reality show's Big Night. Chalk it up to his natural leadership skills, his down-to-earth demeanor, and boyfriend-material looks--it's really no wonder that a lot of people love Paul Jake.

Most Cosmo girls probably saw Paul Jake's wild side when he was featured as one of our celebrity Bachelors in last year's Cosmo Men supplement. He also strutted on the runway--much to the delight of screaming Cosmo chicks--at last year's Bachelor Bash. Those looking for a daily dose of this Cebuano cutie can catch him every afternoon on ABS-CBN's soap Alyna.

Here in, we're giving you a special treat this January--loads of photos of this PBB hunk, dressed in relaxed, casual, date-worthy numbers, as he casually hangs out at a local hotspot. Just as the first date is a great opportunity to get to know someone, consider this first installment of photos and exclusive interview as YOUR first date with Paul Jake. Read on as he talks about his life before and after PBB, what he wanted to be when he was a kid, his musings on the past year, and his hopes for 2011.

What was your first job?

My first job, wow. My first job was when I was really, really young, maybe grade school. I worked for the family as a summer job.

What did you do there?

Wow, nakalimutan ko na 'yun. My parents wanted me to go around the company, to experience the production line, delivery, sales, from buying stuff to selling stuff.

How has your life changed since Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up?

Well, my life changed very, very, very, very differently. Grabe ang changes sa life ko. Before, I didn't care what would happen... It's more public now, 'yung buhay ko. Before, [there were] no issues, the small things you do, hindi pinapansin ng mga tao before. Now, the small things you do, they make it really, really big. Pero [on the upside], a lot of people know us, and everywhere we go, people say "Hi." Picture here, autograph here... 'Di pa naman ako sanay, 'pangit pa ng handwriting ko! (Laughs.) So, 'yun, I really am not used to it, but I'm getting the hang of it pa.

What was the first major purchase you made with your PBB prize money?

I did not [buy anything expensive], I can't remember what I bought pero I spent a lot. I made up for the time that I lost. I went out with my friends, nanlibre ako. Kasi inside the house, 'yun lang ang palagi kong iniisip e--'yung family ko, 'yung friends ko, what they're doing now, what's happening. Pero 'yung prize money, I gave some to my brothers and sisters.

Have you always wanted to enter showbiz?

Well, there were no plans of being an artista, celebrity, or entering the showbiz industry. Kasi ito, it started with my younger brother. 'Yung younger brother ko, gusto niyang ma-experience 'yung life inside the PBB [house]. E nagkwentuhan kami sa dinner table, sabi niya, "PBB auditions are up. Gusto kong subukan 'yun, how life is inside Pinoy Big Brother." E ako, loko-loko, sabi ko, "Tayong lahat na lalaki, mag-audition tayo, para sabay-sabay tayo. Tingnan natin how far we'll get sa audition." So ayun, kasama ko 'yung younger brother ko, older brother ko, boyfriend ng sister ko, ako. Apat kami, nag-audition kami. It so happened, me and my older brother, sa first stage, we competed. Nagbato-batopik lang kami. So ako 'yung nanalo, I went on to the next stage, and then, it so happened 'yung younger brother ko was in the Teens [Edition] and then ako nasa regular season, and then 'yung regular season started first. So, after PBB, 'yun.

But what really was your childhood dream?

My childhood dream? Oh. My childhood dream was actually very hysterical. I wanted to run for president [of the Philippines]. President ah, president! Sabi ko, "I wanna try running for president." Then as I got older, sabi ko, "Vice president na lang! Parang malabo 'yung president!" So [from] president, naging vice president--it went lower and lower and lower. Until now na naging "artista" [na ako] parang ayoko nang tumakbo sa politics. Pero you know, sa Cebu, it's really nice to help out. Kasi sobrang liit ng Cebu, you know everyone there. So it's a really nice place to help. Kaya nga naisip kong mag-run sa politics before. Pero now, no.

What made you change your mind?

Parang I'll be using my fame and popularity para manalo sa elections, 'yung ganun. I think I'll just help in another way na lang.

When you're not working, how do you spend your day?

Well, I try to work out, I want to sleep, I try to spend time with my friends. Kaya lang, ang hirap e, 'cause natatapos [ang taping] early in the morning. So, I rest most of the time and I try to [go to the] gym.

It's a new year. What's your resolution for 2011?

Rest more, 'cause right now, I'm leaning toward the healthy side. I wanna be healthy, I wanna live longer. Make up for the wild days before.

How was the year 2010 for you?

The year 2010? That is the time I became a celebrity! (Laughs.) So, very wild and crazy siya! (Laughs.) It's amazing, it's scary, it's shocking, it's funny at the same time.

What was the best part of your year?

The best part of my year was when I got out of the PBB house. I saw my family, friends, 'yung mga loved ones ko. Very shocking nung lumabas ako nung Big Night, nakita ko, wow, ang daming tao! [It was the] first time I've seen people in five months! (Laughs.) Ang dami, ang daming tao. So that was one amazing part of my life.

What was the worst or most challenging part of the last year?

Actually, the worst, 'cause I felt really tired and I didn't know what to do anymore, was when I got out of PBB and I went home. I couldn't go anywhere I wanted to. People would grab, people would hit us because they wanted to touch, [take a] picture, ganun, magulo na siya. So I couldn't go anywhere. I'm not saying na [I don't like that, and people might think,] "Ang yabang naman!" Pero it gets really scary sometimes, you know. E ako, I'm used to going out, like, sa kanto-kanto lang, and just go anywhere I wanted to go. And I didn't care. E ngayon, hindi na pwede, 'di ba? Especially nung fresh pa kami [out of] PBB--scary. So I just stayed at home, parang, "What am I gonna do here?" Eventually nag-mellow down [naman] siya.

Is there anything you would like to change about the past year?


No regrets?

No regrets.

Watch for more photos of Paul Jake next Wednesday!

Shot on location in Newport Mall, Resorts World.
Special thanks to Tinay Magtira and Karen Sta. Maria of Megaworld.

Stylist: Kabbie Rodriguez
Makeup: Telay Robles
Sittings Editor: Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Allan Altera

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