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Cute Guys Reveal Who They Want To "Marry"

Cosmo spotted hot male celebs and hunks at the Candy Fair, the annual event of our sister magazine. See them and their answers to our fun question in this gallery.

At one point in our student lives, we've all attended a school fair. Ever gone to the fair of an exclusive school for boys in the hopes of getting "caught" and brought to the marriage find your crush waiting there?

High school memories came rushing back to us when we attended the annual Candy Fair, hosted by Cosmo's teen sister magazine Candy. (It's their teen version of the Cosmo Bachelor Bash!) Teenage girls flocked to the Megatent recently to interact with cute boys and hot young male celebs (dubbed "Candy Cuties").

Since this event brought us on a trip down high school memory lane, in an effort to make conversation with these cuties as we took their photos for you, we asked them: "It's the celebrity school fair, and everyone who's anyone is there. Who would you take to the marriage booth?"

See photos of the hot guys we spotted--like Robi Domingo, Champ Lui Pio, Elmo Magalona, and more--and their celebrity crushes when you launch the gallery.

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