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7 *Dark* Thai Series To Stream For Your Next Binge-Watching Sesh

'Sawadee kha Nanno na kha.'

We know how much you love discovering new shows, and there are times when you're specifically in the mood for *gritty*, intriguing ones. Here, we gathered seven Thai TV series that might just satisfy that dark craving of yours: 

1. Girl From Nowhere (2018) 

Good news! The hit series is going to have a second season. In Girl From Nowhere, a mysterious girl named Nanno transfers to different schools and exposes the darkest secrets of students, teachers, and staff. 

Where to watch it: Netflix 

2. Gift For People You Hate (2019) 

What if there was a shop where you could buy gifts for the people you ~despise~ the most? It’s no ordinary shop because each "gift" can be customized based on your preference: whether you want to humiliate, scare, hurt, or...even kill the person you hate. 

Where to watch it: YouTube  

3. The Gifted (2018) 

At a high school where academic achievements are everything, a student who belongs to the lowest class suddenly finds himself in the Gifted Program, where selected teens are given special treatment and privileges other students can only dream of having. The series is going to have a sequel called The Gifted: Graduation

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Where to watch it: YouTube

4. Hormones (2013) 

This hit series isn't about anything ~supernatural~ and focuses on real-life problems instead. According to Netflix: "High school students in Bangkok wrestle with issues such as sex, teen pregnancy, drugs, school violence, family turmoil, and more." 

Where to watch it: Netflix 

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5. ThirTEEN Terrors (2014) 

The series, which is composed of 13 *terrifying* episodes from 13 different directors, features a classroom where someone died mysteriously + a restroom that has been closed for years but it sounds like someone's inside! 

Where to watch it: Netflix 

6. Bad Genius: The Series (2020) 

Based on the hit 2017 movie of the same title, this series tells the story of four teenagers who get involved in a big cheating scandal. The series is relatively new (it only premiered this month) and features a whole new cast.

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Where to watch it: iflix 

7. In Family We Trust (2018) 

The lives of members of a wealthy family are changed forever when one of them is murdered. Secrets are revealed and distrust rears its *ugly* head as they find his will.

Where to watch it: Netflix


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