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Diego Loyzaga Confirms He's Dating Franki Russell: 'We clicked right away'

'We had so much in common.'
diego loyzaga confirms he's dating franki russell
PHOTO: Instagram/missfranki

ICYMI, Diego Loyzaga and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Franki Russell are ~officially~ dating! 

In an interview with Rico Robles for Monster RX93.1's All Out, Diego set the record straight on his rumored relationship with Franki. 

Talking about how he met the Filipina-New Zealander actress, Diego said: "I met Franki on the set of Rolling In It. She was also a guest there. Right away, I noticed her accent. I was like, 'Are you from Australia?' And she was like, 'Oh no, I'm Kiwi.' She's from New Zealand so we got along. We clicked right away. I grew up in Australia... so we had so much in common."

He continued, "We were talking a lot and we were like, 'Hey, you know, we should catch up some time,' and it just so happens that I was going out of town so we caught up a couple of times before leaving town and I was like, 'You know what, [I'm going to] take a shot in the dark here even though I said that I wanna stay single." 


Diego then invited Franki to go to Ilocos with him "as a friend." He also clarified that they went there with a group of friends. 

"During the trip, we got to know each other better and that's where those photos came from. It was like we had lock-in taping together. We were stuck there for a long time," he shared.

Dating rumors between Diego and Franki started circulating after the actress shared a birthday greeting for him on Instagram, which featured their sweet photos together.

"So, what's your [relationship] status now?" Rico asked. 

Diego responded: "You know what, I'm a hypocrite, I said I wanted to focus on myself but I guess these things you don't expect it. It just really comes along and ever since meeting up with her and hanging out with her, it hasn't stopped. We really did click. So, I would say right now, we really are dating." 

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Although Diego admitted that he and Franki are seeing each other, he clarified that they're not in a relationship yet. 

Previously, the actor was in a relationship with Barbie Imperial. They dated for a year before confirming their breakup last February. 

Watch the full interview below: 

Diego Loyzaga Confirms He's Dating Franki Russell


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