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Doug Kramer Reveals Secrets To Lasting Relationship With Chesca Garcia-Kramer: 'We never play with fire'

They've been together for 16 years!

After reminding husbands to date their wives, Doug Kramer shared more tips on how to nurture a lasting relationship in an Instagram Stories Q&A. “Put the Lord at the center of your relationship. Love and respect her. Do the things you’re supposed to do and not be focused on what she needs to do.”

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He added, “Take down your pride. Say sorry first. We never play with fire or entertain temptations.”

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His wife, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, had a question for him, too. “Why do you love me so much?” Doug posted a side-by-side photo of Chesca in their early days and another photo of Chesca after giving birth. He said, “Because I was so attracted to you! Then I realized I loved you even more when we got married and had babies!” Aww!

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Speaking of babies, Doug revealed that they’re trying to have their fourth this year. “A bit more tedious than usual but hopefully soon!”

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