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6 Facts About Best Ekawat AKA TK In 'Girl From Nowhere'

ICYMI, Nanno really *felt something* for TK!
TK girl from nowhere facts and trivia

Let's not deny it anymore: we were all hoping TK (Best Ekawat Niratvorapanya) would show up in Girl From Nowhere Season 2. I mean, KITTYCHICHA herself even said that Nanno really *felt something* for the character: "In Season 1, you could see that even when she felt something more to TK, she couldn't actually break her own rules and go back to him or something like that." At this point, we're just crossing our fingers that they'll give us fans a third season (Hi, Netflix) and that Best will be making a special appearance! 

While waiting for that Girl From Nowhere announcement, here are some things you need to know about Best Ekawat: 

1. He is 26 years old and his birthday is on May 14

2. According to Thai website, Best studied at Thailand's Rangsit University.

3. He appeared in the 2019 movie The Cave, which was inspired by the rescue story of young Thai footballers and their coach who were trapped inside a cave. Best played the 25-year-old coach named Ekapol Chanthawong. The movie was part of the Busan Film Festival, The BFI London Film Festival, and the QCinema International Film Festival. 


4. Best appeared in the 2017 film A Friend Is Another Self, which told the story of two guys who "study together in a technical school and live a secret love story." (via MyDramaList) He also had roles in the movies School Tales (2017), Grace (2016), and Last Summer (2013). 

5. He has appeared in several music videos from different Thai artists!

  • Mr. Lazy

  • Labanoon


  • S.D.F

6. In 2018, he starred in the first season of Girl From Nowhere as a ~troubled~ teen named TK, who, despite having a comfortable life because of his rich father, made it a habit to steal from other people. His episode was called "Lost And Found." Relive TK and Nanno's best moments here: 

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