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5 Local Romance Movies That Deal With The *Supernatural*

Ft. Mermaids, manananggal, and more!
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We all need a little *fantasy* in our lives and we're so happy that there are romance films out there that have weirder-than-usual characters! Here, five recent Filipino movies with ~supernatural~ themes (if you're tired of the same old rom-coms): 

1. Ulan (2019)

Maya (Nadine Lustre) has always had a complicated relationship with rain. As a kid, her lola would always tell her stories about tikbalang and other forms of superstitions related to it! Now a grown-up, and after a series of heartbreaks, Maya vows that she will never cry because of love again. 

2. Ang Manananggal Sa Unit 23B (2016)

This indie film tells the story of Jewel (Ryza Cenon), a girl who has a big secret: She's actually a manananggal. When she meetsand starts developing feelings forNico (Martin del Rosario), she has to decide whether to completely fall in love with him him. 

Where you can watch it: HOOQ 

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3. Hintayan Ng Langit (2018) 

In "The Middle" of heaven and hell, Lisang (Gina Pareño) comes face to face with her first love, Manolo (Eddie Garcia). What's more, they have to share a room because too many people have passed away! As they get reacquainted, we learn more about their past and why Lisang has been stuck in The Middle for so long. 

Where you can watch it: Netflix

4. My Fairy Tail Love Story (2018)

Spoiled rich girl Chantel (Janella Salvador) wakes up one day as a mermaid after she disturbs a coral formation. With the help of her best friend Noah (Elmo Magalona), she sets out to find her Prince Charming to break the curse. 

Where you can watch it:  HOOQ

5. The Write Moment (2018) 

According to Viva Entertainment, The Write Moment tells the story a heartbroken writer (Jerald Napoles) who writes a hugot film script in order to get back with his ex (Valeen Montenegro). He fails miserably, but he finds himself magically living-out the scenes he wrote! 

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