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These K-Dramas *Might* Be Airing On Local TV Very Soon

PHOTO: (LEFT) Extraordinary You/MBC, (RIGHT) Her Private Life/tvN

On January 7, GMA-7 TV executive and movie producer Joey Abacan took to Instagram to share a *sneak peek* of upcoming foreign series that'll be airing on the network this year! While some of them haven't been totally confirmed yet, here are seven K-dramas to watch for in 2020: 

1. Doctor John 

In this series, a genius doctor (Ji Sung) is famous for his ability to figure out what's wrong with his patients in just 10 seconds! 

2. Angel's Last Mission: Love 

According to ViuAngel's Last Mission: Love tells the story of an arrogant and cynical ballerina (Shin Hye Sunwho doesn't have the ability to care for others. An angel (Kim Myung Soo) is tasked to play Cupid and help her find true love! 

3. Her Private Life 

A respected art curator (Park Min Young) has a super ~*embarrassing*~ secret: She's actually a part-time hardcore fangirl who's in love with a boy band called White Ocean. And no matter how hard she tries, she won't be able to keep her two lives separate. 


4. VIP 

In this drama, a successful career woman (Jang Na Ra) has a perfect life with an equally perfect husband. Things start to fall apart when she receives an anonymous text telling her that her husband is having an affair! 

5. My Absolute Boyfriend 

Yeo Jin Goo plays a robot who is programmed to be his owner's perfect BF. He starts to develop *real* feelings when he meets a girl (Bang Min Ah) working as a special effects makeup artist. 

6. Extraordinary You 

What happens if you suddenly discover that your *perfect* life, where you're the leading lady, isn't real at all? That's exactly what happens to Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon), a high school student with a serious heart condition who discovers that she's living inside a comic book. Also, SHE'S ONLY AN EXTRA. 

7. The Last Empress 

My Drama List writes that in an alternate reality where Korea's royal family is still intact, an aspiring musical actress marries the emperor, not knowing what she's getting into. She gets caught in between power struggles and a murder, and ends up falling for the royal family's bodyguard. 

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