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Heart Evangelista Reacts To Assumptions About Her: 'I'm maarte, it's fine!'

We love everything about her new candid vlog ep!

We're loving Heart Evangelista's new vlog episode, where she reacts to people's assumptions about her and sets the record straight. Here's what we found out: 

No, she never goes out of the house without makeup. “It does enhance me and it’s exciting. It’s like painting my face. I love it, don’t you?” 

No, she never leaves the house without jewelry and accessories. “I also sleep, take a shower, go to the beach, and do everything with my accessories because it’s a reflection of who I am. It’s my way of expressing myself. I’m maarte, you know. It’s fine!”

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Yes, she does wear flats sometimes because her back starts to hurt a little when she lives in her favorite heels. “You know what, at the end of the day, you only live once. Kung ano man ang trip niyo, gawin niyo. Kung ano man ang feel niyong kinagaganda niyo, do it! As long as you’re not stepping on anyone with your high heels or causing anyone to feel bad or whatever, then you’re fine. Life is too short to think about what other people think.” Also? “Sayang naman ang shoes!”

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Yes, she likes nice things, but she works hard for it and it’s never an instant purchase. “I have to think of the future. Makakain ko ba ang Birkin na 'yan? Hindi! So you know what? I love expensive things, but I work hard and I’m smart about it.” Take her first big purchase when she was 18, a Makati condo, that “pays for the [credit] card now!”

No, she doesn’t cook for her husband, Chiz Escudero, but she has a no-fail set menu that her dad taught her: steak, pasta, croquettes, Arroz ala Cubana, and bread spreads. “I’m so good with table settings—that makes up for it! Everything else is just entertaining the guests and making everyone smile. Because when they’re smiling, ‘di nila masyadong napapansin na medyo maalat ang food!”

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Yes, she’s always had bodyguards since her dad was “paranoid about boys” when she was younger. At least now, there’s no more logbook to track all her visitors!

Yes, she was spoiled growing up, but she was never a brat. “It’s just wrong to be a brat… I think I am sheltered, but I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone.”

No, she has never gotten eyelid surgery, though she has nothing against people who go under the knife for cosmetic purposes. In fact, she’s open to getting minor surgery in the future. “I don’t know how to prove that I never got eyelid surgery! I think that as you get older, the skin also gets loose? Before, I would actually try to look chinita just so people would think I didn’t do it.”

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No, she’s not really mataray. “That’s just my face or the idea of me… Just say hi to me. I’ll probably tell you my whole life—like what I’m already doing right now!"

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