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Heart Evangelista Shares Her Favorite Scents: 'Each one tells a different story'

She also shares tips on how to choose and preserve scents.

It’s no secret that Heart Evangelista is a big fan of scents. “I think everyone should have a signature scent. It really does complete the look and gives you so much character,” she says in her latest vlog. 

Heart loves having specific scents for different events, moods, or even people. For instance, she wore the same perfume she used when she starting dating husband Chiz Escudero on their wedding day.

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In her vlog, Heart shares her favorite scents that come in different types. Eau de parfum is “a bit pricey but definitely worth it because it will last you the whole day.” She says, “It’s very—how do you say it?—amoy mayaman.”

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Eau de toilette is “sometimes cheaper but not necessarily.” Heart says, “You have to keep spraying since the scent doesn’t last the whole day.” Meanwhile, cologne is a “good starting scent,” something that she would give Chiz’s young daughter, Chesi.

Heart also shares tips on how to choose and preserve your scents. “Don’t be shy. Spray it all over you, walk around the mall, and see what it smells like after. Everybody reacts differently.”

Once you have your chosen scents, don’t put them directly under the sun. Put them in the refrigerator or in front of the aircon. If that’s not possible, stick to three perfumes at a time and don’t open all your scents at once. Heart says, “If you really love the smell, check if it comes with a matching cream or hand lotion because it kind of seals the scent.”

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