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'Crash Landing On You' Star Hyun Bin Is Working On A New *Action* Film

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Our very own Captain RiHyun Bin oppa, is starring in a new film! According to a report by Soompi, his agency VAST Entertainment confirmed that Hyun Bin has accepted the lead role for the upcoming film Bargaining

"Bargaining will soon be filming on location abroad. Through this upcoming movie, Hyun Bin will be showcasing a new kind of impressive acting that will be entirely different from his last project," VAST announced. The film, which will be directed by Im Soon Rye, will tell the story of "a kidnapping that takes place in the Middle East and the attempted rescue of the kidnapping victims." 

He will be starring opposite actor Hwang Jun Min, who is known for his roles in the films Ode To My Father (2014), Violent Prosecutor (2016), and The Battleship Island (2018). 

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Hyun Bin recently starred in the hit K-drama Crash Landing On You opposite Son Ye Jin, where he played the role of a North Korean officer who falls in love with a South Korean heiress. The show made headlines when its finale episode surpassed Goblin (2016) as the highest-rated tvN drama of all time.   

At present, we don't know who the rest of the Bargaining cast will be, but we're hoping they cast Son Ye Jin in the film, too! 

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were also the topic of dating rumors this February, especially after an eagle-eyed fan spotted what looked like Hyun Bin and Ye Jin holding hands underneath a table in a behind-the-scenes video. Hyun Bin's agency clarified that Ye Jin was "holding her own hand" in the clip. 


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