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Did You Know That There's An Indonesian Remake Of 'Kadenang Ginto?'

Cassie's going to have a new school—in Indonesia.

Yup, Indonesia has released their own version of Kadenang Gintoand it's already airing as we speak! According to ABS-CBN, the Indonesian remake is called Putri Makhota, which translates to "Crown Princess." The trailer has introduced us to the counterparts of Daniela (Dimples Romana), Robert (Albert Martinez), Romina (Beauty Gonzalez), and Carlos (Adrian Alandy).

Here's the Indonesian cast (so far): 

Sylvia Fully as Rania (Daniela) 

Mayang Yudittia as Aruna (Romina) 

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Gunawan Sudrajat as Pak Hanif (Robert) 

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Rama Michael as Irghi (Carlos) 

These stills from the show are super similar to the OG Kadenang Ginto, TBH:  

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If you're still in the dark, here's the sitch with Kadenang Ginto: Romina is a secretary who works for wealthy businessman Robert Mondragon. Robert's daughter Daniela—who's the same age as Romina—hates her father's secretary from the start. Daniela ends up loathing her even more when Robert decides to marry Romina! As the years pass, even their teenage daughters Cassie (Francine Diaz) and Marga (Andrea Brillantes) don't get along and they all end up fighting over the Mondragon family fortune after Robert passes away.

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Ever since the show first aired in 2018, catfights ensued, wild + heartbreaking secrets were revealed, and the show introduced us to multiple memes such as "Cassie, hindi ka muna papasok sa school."

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