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This Hilarious Instagram Account Spoofs Stereotypical Filipino Moms

@fynestchina proves that Filipino moms give the scariest death stares.
PHOTO: Instagraam/fynestchina

You know how Asian moms (especially Filipino ones ) act so differently from their Western counterparts? I mean, let's face it: the rules are sometimes stricter, the dynamics are different, and you KNOW a Filipina mom or tita when you seeand hearone. 

An Instagram account under the username @fynestchina spoofs typical Filipino moms. It's run by a 20-year-old Ilocano/Kapampangan who's now based in San Francisco, California! 

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His videos feature a fictional character named "Cassandra Mae" and we get to see Cassandra's funny/dramatic/painful moments with her mom, her sister Kiara, and her ~American~ counterpart named Samantha. Check out some of @fynestchina's videos with her "mom."

1. Here's how some Filipino moms react when you introduce your boyfriend for the first time: 

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2. Don't even get us started on how some parents compare siblings to each other: 

3. Those reactions when you ask for money: 

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4. Remember when you fought with your sibs as kids and your mom would give you that *death stare* so you'd behave? 

5. The different forms of discipline: 

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6. We even see Cassandra's dad! "You can go if your dad says you can go!"

7. Filipino moms and titas when you try to kill insects: 

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8. Has this ever happened to you while you were sleeping? Because some moms really loooove to clean. 

9. We've all had to deal with leftover ulam at some point:

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10. And, finally, here's how some parents apologize: With food.  

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