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Isabelle Daza Shares How She Lost 68 Lbs. In 10 Months

Isabelle spills and sheds all: the real, the raw, the results.
PHOTO: Instagram/IsabelleDaza

At Cosmo, we always love a good makeover. We love how change can happen with just a few simple tips and tricks. But when true transformation occurs because of sacrifice, hard work, determination, and discipline, we’re left ultimately inspired.

Isabelle Daza got real about her weight loss journey, especially when she struggled with so many emotions and changes after giving birth: “Behind all the glossy photos was the struggle to get there. MY physical fitness and MENTAL FITNESS journey after pregnancy. How I lost 68lbs in 10months. No ads. Just me.”

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Isabelle Daza shares the real deal about her weight-loss journey.

And, that's exactly what we see in the footage that Isabelle recently shared: An unfiltered version of her weight loss journey, with some confessions about the challenges of being a first-time mom. In the nearly 14-minute clip she posted on YouTube, Isabelle got refreshingly candid and real about pregnancy, new motherhood, and the bodily changes afterwards. In fact, she was so upfront about her thoughts and feelings, that it felt like we were peeking into her private video diary. 

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Isabelle shared actual footage and photos of her body (even at her all-time high of 205 lbs.), the changes she committed to, the tears she shed, and the insecurities that surfaced during her journey. In her video, she talked about her struggles with weight loss, breastfeeding, being exhausted, working out, and even getting frustrated when the scales weren’t moving or when she was adjusting to her miraculous mom-bod—birthing hips, breastfeeding, and all. She also talked about the immense pressure to look good because of her work, and how she was determined to move and feel look differently.

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She summarized her learnings with these recommendations: “Build a sustainable lifestyle incorporating healthy eating with the occasional indulgence, as well as finding the right workout that suits you. To sum it up, it's all about the work you’re willing to put in, focusing on a goal, and not stopping until you reach it.... It's really about consistency, hard work, and determination. If you want it that bad, then you have to be able to make sacrifices.” 

It’s often easy to assume that It Girls are immune from these kinds of insecurities, heartaches, and frustrations, but Isabelle’s video showed a refreshing side that hardly gets the spotlight. This is the side that makes these gorgeous goddesses more human—and even more beautiful.