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5 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay' Actors You Need To Follow On Instagram

We totally LOVE this cast!
PHOTO: Instagram/soohyun_k216

Watching It's Okay To Not Be Okay on Netflix has become our weekend habit and it's safe to say that we are legit obsessed with the storyline, cinematography, and most especially, the lovable cast! But why limit our fangirling to the small screen when we can totally follow them on their social accounts as well? Here are the five actors of It's Okay To Not Be Okay that you need to check out on Insta right now:

Kim Soo Hyun as Moon Gang Tae

Instagram handle: @soohyun_k216

Why you should hit the Follow button: Being the superstar that he is, you'd think Kim Soo Hyun would care more about his Insta persona, no? But nope he doesn'tand we love him even more for it! Soo Hyun is the master of the ~uncool selfie~ and warms our hearts even more with his kulit cast photos!

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Park Gyu Young as Nam Joo Ri

Instagram handle: @lavieenbluu

Why you should hit the Follow button: Park Gyu Young definitely has an eye for an aesthetic Instagram grid! She posts a mix of flower shots, her fave Hollywood movie stills, and candid snaps of her on-and-off cam.

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Kang Ki Doong as Jo Jae Soo

Instagram handle: @kkddoong

Why you should hit the Follow button: Kang Ki Dong is a talented character actor and, as you might already know, has acted in a bunch of our fave dramas. His Insta is full of behind-the-scenes content of his projectslike these funny clips while shooting Romance Is A Bonus Book:

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Kim Joo Hun as Lee Sang In

Instagram handle: @zu_hun_kim

Why you should hit the Follow button: So, Kim Joo Hun is quite the ~zaddy~ with or without his mustache! Check out his totally HOT selfies and the rare gym snaps. You'll thank me later.

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Park Jin Joo as Yoo Seung Jae

Instagram handle: @jinjoo1224

Why you should hit the Follow button: Based on her Insta posts, Park Jin Joo is one helluva cutie with a super active social life. She shares adorbs snaps of herself and her closest friends like Her Private Life co-star, Park Min Young!

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BONUS: Seo Ye Ji as Ko Mun Yeong

Our girl Seo Ye Ji doesn't have an Insta (SO SAD) but you can totes get updates about her on her agency's account, @goldmedalist_official. Yup, she's in the same agency as Soo Hyun! Cute, no?

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