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Iza Calzado Pitches Herself To Dove At The Brand’s Global Event In London

Her intro spiel: "I used to be obese..."
PHOTO: Instagram/missizacalzado by Sam Lee

Iza Calzado is currently in London with influencers Samantha Lee and Dani Barretto and Cosmopolitan Philippines to attend the Dove Windows global event. During the event, the global beauty brand launched Project Show Us in collaboration with Girl Gaze and Getty Images, which seeks to celebrate the diversity of women’s beauty.

During the launch forum, Iza proudly stood up and pitched herself to Dove. She recalled her experience and transformation and talked about her journey to get to where she is now. Watch her bold move here:

Iza put it correctly when she said: “I feel that my platform is very important to show [people] that even if you do not have the perfect body, you can still make it.” We think the same applies not only in the entertainment industry, but also in life, in love, in everything. Whatever your shape or kind of beauty, you can make it.

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After Iza spoke. Dove Global VP Sophie Galvani said: “We’ll get your number later!" If things pan out, then this would be a true testament for going after what you want, girls. Let Iza show you how it’s done. 

When we cornered Iza and asked her what made get past her hiya and be that bold, she said: “I saw an opportunity present itself, and I knew that I would hate myself 10 years from now if I didn’t take it. I have let so many golden moments pass me by and at this point in my life I just know that I won’t lose anything if I muster up the courage to seize the day!

Ballsy moves aside, we think Iza is perfect when it comes to showing and celebrating the diversity and beauty of women. The actress has always been upfront about her journey, and we’ve grown to admire her for embracing and sharing her story. Recently, she’s taken up an active role in making women dream bigger by accepting their true beauty—flaws and all. We’ve been seeing her lead women’s forums, posting bold photos on her Instagram, and being vocal about beauty coming in all shapes and sizes

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The project seems quite aligned with Iza’s personal advocacy. Project Show Us is a free photo bank that aims to change beauty stereotypes around the world. Through readily available images created by Girl Gaze photographers for use in media and advertising via the Getty Platform, the partnership seeks to show real girls and women and how absolutely beautiful they can be.

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