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Is James Reid Ready To See Nadine Lustre With A New Suitor? Here's What He Had To Say

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/james; (RIGHT) Instagram/nadine

Is James Reid ready to see Nadine Lustre with a new suitor?

On August 6, Friday, talk show host Boy Abunda streamed an interview with James on his YouTube channel, The Boy Abunda Talk Channel.

During the interview, Boy read questions sent in by netizens. One of them, in particular, asked a question about James and his ex-girlfriend, Nadine.

Boy: "'Since you and Nadine are both single, are you ready to see her with a new suitor?' Say no (laughs). I'm joking."

James: "I don't think anyone in that situation is really excited to see their ex with someone else, but you know, that's not my choice."

Boy then asked what James would do if he had a say in the matter.

Boy: "But I'm forced to follow up that question. But if it were your choice, what would you choose?"

James: "I mean, it can't be my choice, but if magically I had to decide if she would be with someone, of course, I know I'd wish her the best. I want her to be happy."


Boy: "Would you allow, if you had the choice, hypothetically, you had the choice to say 'Yes' or 'No,' 'You can have a date,' you would actually say 'Yes'?"

James: "I'm not her husband, neither am I her father, so she can do whatever makes her the happiest." 

James also shared that he and Nadine see each other frequently, at least once a week. He also said Nadine has a new "absolutely adorable" corgi, named Cosmo.

"We're still very good friends. We still work together. She's always going to be very special to me. Right now, she's doing her own thing and I'm doing my own thing. We're focused on our careers. I've been trying to help her with the music side of things and it's been great to see her actually be able to take control of her creative direction in a lot of her music, a lot of her projects. But how we're going, we're okay."

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In a June 2021 interview, Boy asked Nadine what her relationship status is with James. She said that they have remained very close and they're happy where they are right now.

"I don't know how to answer that, Tito Boy! I is what it is. We have supported each other immensely... We are so close pa rin. But I guess it's best not to put a line on to it. Yeah, we're just super happy. We're supporting each other, we're pushing each other... I think wala nang better answer than that, e. Obviously, he's contributing to my growth. And in some way, I am with his, as well. So that's the only thing that matters."

In the same month, Nadine also got new tattoos on her legs, which read, "That's it," and "It is what it is."


James and Nadine went official as a couple in 2016. In January 2020, they announced their breakup through a joint statement that mentioned that while they have gone their separate ways, they still remain good friends.

The two have continued to work together under James' label, Careless Music. James is involved in most, if not all of Nadine's music projects.

Watch Boy's interview with James here:

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