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Janella Salvador And Jane De Leon Are Starring In A Horror Film About *Mambabarang*

Voodoo dolls + pasta that turns to worms = CREEPY!
PHOTO: YOUTUBE/Regal Entertainment

It's almost Halloween and we are sooo ready to watch scary films! If you're looking for a movie that's based on Pinoy myths and monsters, there's an upcoming film about mambabarang called The Heiress. And if you can still remember discussions about Philippine folklore from your elementary school days, a mambabarang is the equivalent of a witch or sorceress. 

Produced by Regal Entertainment and directed by Frasco Mortiz, The Heiress tells the story of a mambabarang named Luna (Maricel Soriano) who will do anything to keep her niece Guia (Janella Salvador) safeaka close to her. In the trailer, someone warns Guia about a strong demonic entity that manipulates mambabarang! We see voodoo dolls, pasta that turns into worms, and a *monster* wrapped in rags. Creeeepyyy. 

The film also stars Sunshine CruzMcCoy De Leon, and rising Darna actress Jane De Leon. We don't know what Jane's role is yet, but we see her *getting branded* with a creepy-looking mark on her back!


Janella previously starred in the horror films Haunted Mansion (2015) and Bloody Crayons (2017). Jane also has experience with scary movies, since she was part of the ensemble cast of The Debutantes (2017).

The Heiress hits theaters on November 27, 2019. 

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