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Jasmine Curtis-Smith Wished She Got Stranded With Her Family In Australia During The Lockdown

She also revealed that she sought help from a mental health professional.
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/jascurtissmith

It's no secret that Jasmine Curtis-Smith has a super-tight relationship with her family. Ever since she relocated to Manila to pursue her showbiz career, she's been flying to and from Melbourne to visit her mom Carmencita and younger brother Thomas several times a year. And her constant familial presence here in the Philippines is her older sister Anne Curtis, who's been living here since her teens.

But all of this changed when the pandemic happened. As we know, when Anne decided to give birth in Australia, she moved back to Melbourne with hubby Erwan Heussaff and her yet-to-be-born daughter Dahlia in December 2019. Anne gave birth on March 2, 2020, and Jasmine was able to have a quick visit to Melbourne to see her family. This was the last time she was able to see her family in about a year.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith with her mother and brother

Jasmine on being separated from her family during the pandemic

In a recent interview with Inquirer Entertainment, Jasmine spoke about the frustration she felt not being able to be there with her family at such an important time in their lives. "My sister was with my mom abroad," she explained. "It also frustrated me that I couldn't find a way to experience their new journey together with my niece Dahlia. It was really impacting me."

Jasmine revealed that she had sought help from a mental health professional and saw them once a week to deal with her emotions. Jasmine said, "I wished I had gotten stranded with them during the lockdown. It really helped to talk to a professional." The 27-year-old actress reunited with Anne, Erwan, and Dahlia when they flew back home to Manila in February, however, it's been over a year since she last saw her mom and brother. Jasmine said "video calling family as many times as I could" helps with their separation. "I still haven't seen my mom up to now. One year seems so long. It's okay, as long as she's safe."

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Anne Curtis and Erwan with their baby Dahlia

Jasmine on seeing a mental health professional

For anyone who wants to get help from a mental health professional, Jasmine advised, "Don't get intimidated. It's okay. It will be good for you. I guess others are wary that their doctors would give them all sorts of pills. Just be honest. Tell your psychologist that you don't want any and that maybe you can try different approaches—that's possible."


In spite of her situation, it was great to see Jasmine thrive in her career. In 2020, she starred in the Philippine remake of Descendants Of The Sun, and most recently, her black comedy film, General Admission, premiered online. Here's to hoping Jas reunites with her Melbourne fam sooner than later!


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