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Our Ultimate Crush Ji Chang Wook Is Starring In A New Action Film Called 'Punishment'

Welcome back to the big screen, Wookie!
PHOTO: Instagram/jichangwook

Ji Chang Wook (also known as "Wookie" to fans) has signed on to star in the action film PunishmentSoompi reports that it will tell the story of "a father (Jo Woo Jin) and daughter (Lee Jae In) surviving after an explosion." We don't know what Chang Wook's role is going to be just yet, but the production cost for the film is reportedly a whopping 70 billion won— that's P3.06 billion! WOW. 

ICYMI, Wookie's previous action projects and roles include the shows Healer (2014) and The K2 (2016). He also played the lead in the 2017 film Fabricated City. Chang Wook recently starred in the drama Melting Me Softly (2019) as a variety show director who volunteers to participate in a cryonics experiment and wakes up 20 years—instead of 24 hours—later. 

And guess what? He'll be visiting the Philippines this year for his Waiting For You fan meeting tour! While we're patiently waiting for HIM to arrive, here's an adorable Chang Wook talking through a ~slipper phone~: 

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