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12 Korean Dramas Starring Ji Chang Wook—Because We Know You Love Him

We know you can't get enough of the 'Suspicious Partner' star!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Backstreet Rookie/SBS, The K2/tvN

You guys, Ji Chang Wook will soon be visiting us here in Manila! In preparation for his much-anticipated *arrival*, here's a rundown of Chang Wook's lead roles in K-dramas

1. Smile, Dong Hae (2010-2011) 

His role: In this family drama, Chang Wook plays the titular character Dong Hae, who brings his mentally ill mother back to South Korea from the United States. Dong Hae decides to look for his father and ask him why he abandoned them. 

2. Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011) 

His role: Chang Wook plays the lead again in this sageuk. The story focuses on Baek Dong Soo, a real-life historical figure who became a swordsman and martial arts master. 

3. Bachelor's Vegetable Store (2011-2012)

His role: A young man named Tae Yang who turns a teeny-tiny vegetable shop into a well-known brand! Based on a true story, this drama also features his friends and their ~love lives~. 

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4. Five Fingers (2012) 

His role: Chang Wook's role is the ~antagonist~ here! He plays In Ha, the son of a talented pianist. His world is basically *shattered* when his father brings home an illegitimate son who will grow up to be his rival. 

5. Empress Ki (2013-2014) 

His role: The emperor! In the series, he starts out as a "spoiled and immature prince" who escapes an assassination attempt. He eventually matures and is crowned king, and is revealed to have a soft and romantic side. 

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6. Healer (2014-2015) 

His role: For the right price, Chang Wook's character Jung Hoo will get his clients absolutely whatever they want, as long as it doesn't involve murder. His latest ~job~ gets him involved in a mystery that puts him in danger. 

7. The K2 (2016) 

His role: A man named Kim Je Ha who is on the run. He has "sworn to never love anything or anyone ever again" when he crosses paths with a girl named Anna (Im Yoon Ah)—a politician's daughter who was hidden from the world for years.

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8. Suspicious Partner (2018) 

His role: A prosecutor named Ji Wook who works on a mysterious case involving an "amnesiac murderer."

9. Melting Me Softly (2019) 

His role: A variety show director named Ma Dong Chan who "volunteers to participate in a cryonics experiment." Things don't go well, because Dong Chan wakes up 20 years—instead of 24 hours—later! 

10. Backstreet Rookie (2020)

His role: He plays handsome Choi Dae Hyun, who quits his job at a large company and ends up running a convenience store. He eventually meets a part-timer, played by Kim Yoo Jung, who's determined to leave her past behind.

11. Love Struck In The City/City Couple's Way Of Love (2020-2021)

His role: An architect named Park Chae Won who meets freelance marketer Lee Eun Oh, played by Kim Ji Won. This drama has already started filming, and is reportedly a drama about the realistic situation of young people's dating lives in the city.

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12. City Of Stars (2021) 

His role: An aspiring astronaut who lives in the future and who's a candidate for "a special mission to obtain a steady supply of Helium-3." Chang Wook hasn't OFFICIALLY accepted the role YET, but we're so excited about this! 

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