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Joao Constancia To Sue Ramirez: 'No matter what happens between us, I will forever support you'

Joao had nothing but praise for Sue.

It looks like BoyBandPH’s Joao Constancia has seen Sue Ramirez’s latest film Cuddle Weather.

On Instagram, Joao posted a photo of Sue and another photo of Cuddle Weather’s movie poster. He wrote, “Sue, congratulations on the beautiful film! You’re perfect for Adela Johnson, [and] I can’t think of anyone else who would’ve done it the way you did.” 

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Commenting about how he felt about Sue’s movie, Joao said, “I laughed and cried plenty of times throughout the film because I could relate to Adela Johnson’s situation.”

Expressing his love and admiration for Sue, Joao added, “I am so proud of you, you’re amazing, Sue! No matter what happens between us, I will forever support you. Mahal na mahal na mahal kita, sobra.”

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Sue confirmed her relationship with Joao in October 2017, and in August 2019, Sue said she and Joao are no longer an item. While there was no third party involved, Sue said that they had split up on good terms and that she is still friends with Joao. She said in an interview, “Thank God I had work, I had a lot of work. My work has been helping me po. Okay naman and we still talk at hindi kami naghiwalay na hindi kami okay sa isa’t-isa.”

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