Joe Alwyn Is Finally Talking About His Relationship With Taylor Swift

The time has come.
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Taylor Swift and actor Joe Alwyn have been keeping their relationship hush-hush since they started dating in 2016, but Joe is finally ready to break his silence on their relationship. And thank goodness he's ready because people are legit turning into old Rose from the Titanic waiting to hear from them.

Joe recently chatted with British Vogue about his upcoming movies and his new Prada campaign, but, he also gave the people what they want and said a little tidbit about Taylor. He shared, "I'm aware people want to know about that side of things. I think we have been successfully very private and that has now sunk in for people…but I really prefer to talk about work."

And there you, sadly, have it, folks. Joe sort of acknowledged they're dating and understands why everyone wants to know about their relationship, but would much rather talk about his Mary Queen of Scots and The Favourite movies.

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Well, while the world waits for one of them to actually do some talking, just take some time to compare these two cactus pics on their Instagrams and know they are, indeed, a thing.

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