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Is Bea Alonzo The One That Got Away? Here's What John Lloyd Cruz Had To Say

'Siyempre si Bea siya sa buhay ko.'
Is Bea Alonzo The One That Got Away? Here's What John Lloyd Cruz Had To Say

John Lloyd Cruz was just asked head-on by Karen Davila to open up about the nature of his relationship with Bea Alonzo.

In the first episode of Karen's podcast series The Karen Davila Podcast, Karen basically asked John Lloyd if he and Bea ever became more than friends. The two stars were first paired in the ABS-CBN soap Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay in 2002.


Karen: "I'm really curious because you will be doing a movie with Bea Alonzo soon. Will you?"

John Lloyd: "I really hope so."

Karen: "And I wanted to ask you and you can answer me or not answer me. You were together in Betty La Fea. My son used to watch that. Yeah, he's so cute. He's your fan. But were you ever together with Bea? Like did you date?"

John Lloyd: "Hala (laughs). I don't know, Karen. Parang mahirap yatang sagutin 'yon kasi..."

Karen: "It's either a yes or a no."

John Lloyd: "I know. Sa totoo langTotoo naman yung sabi mo. Yes or no. But because I respect her and she's been good to me and to my family also, mahirap, e. Sometimes parang may mga tanong talaga na I wish kayang sagutin ng yes or no, pero—"

Karen: "But did you have a special friendship or relationship?"

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John Lloyd: "Siyempre si Bea siya sa buhay ko, special 'yon, so it will be hard to change that."

Karen: "Grabe, puwede palang naging kayo. What would life had been?"

John Lloyd: "Baka hindi tayo magkausap ngayon, pero.... Kung naging kami o hindi, hindi naging kami. Hindi naging kami. But yung tanong mo kasi if we dated.. So mahirap, eMahirap sagutin, e."

Karen: "So you dated?"

John Lloyd: "Probably." OMG!

Karen: (laughs) "Okay, what is it? Clearly, there is something about you and Bea, the fact that fans want a movie and you like to work with her again."

John Lloyd: "Hindi. I'm not trying to imply that, Karen, but ayoko lang kasing sabihin naAlam mo, parang it's... 'Yon yung isa sa mga bagay na ganon. Like ito. Ayan. Ayan yung isa sa mga bagay…"

Karen: "You don't like the showbiz answers."

John Lloyd: "Ayoko sanang... Kasi nga dahil nga nirerespeto ko yung tao, ayoko naman ng ikakahon ko na lang sa isang walang kabuluhang sagot yung para lang maitawid na."


Karen: (laughs) "Para lang maitawid. Natawa 'ko."

John Lloyd: "Oo, mahirap, e. Puwede naman kasi nating itawid, e. Sabi mo naman magaling akong umarte. Tama ka. 'Wag na natin pag-usapan."

Karen: "Oh, wow. It looks deeper than it really is."

John Lloyd: "Why?"

Here's where Karen asks the big question and where Lloydie tries his best to explain where he's coming from.

Karen: "Is she the one who got away?"

John Lloyd: "Talaga, umabot tayo diyan, e. 'Yon siguro, if anything, natatakot akong i-label kung ano man yung naging totoo between…"

Karen: "'Me and Bea.'"

John Lloyd: "Mahirap kasing... 'Di ba, like, kahit ako para sa sarili ko, I don't want it reduced into something it's not. 'Di ba? Sayang."

Karen: "Dude, this is serious."

John Lloyd: "'Di naman kailangang maging serious. These are just facts."

This isn't the first time that John Lloyd has been asked to define his relationship with his former onscreen partner. They've also been rumored to have dated in the past. In 2016, reports claimed John Lloyd and Bea went to Balesin for a beach getaway.


In 2018, while guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Bea said she misses working with John Lloyd in movies.

In February 2020, John Lloyd and Bea teamed up for a live script reading of That Thing Called Tadhana. They even had a live IG conversation in April 2020, where John Lloyd thanks Bea for "standing by him," even if they're not even sure what they actually are to each other.

In a December 2020 interview, Bea was asked if she was ever in love with Lloydie, and she replied, "I'm always in love with him, yes. I feel like our partnership will never work if I was not in love with him. So nandoon lagi 'yon."

"We were friends, we were enemies, we were almost lovers. Iyong relationship naminnata-transcend niya na iyong level of just romance. Now, he's more than just that to me. That's the beauty of it. Maybe I'm also in love with what we are? Hindi mo alam kung ano siya, and I'm in love with that idea. I know that we have the same amount of respect and love for each other. That's why it's very special to me." Aww!


Fans are eagerly anticipating the two's reunion film, No Goodbyes, set to be released this 2021. John Lloyd met with a GMA exec in June while Bea was announced as GMA Network's newest artist in July. GMA-7 has yet to confirm if they will be offering an exclusive contract to John Lloyd, who's rumored to be starring in a sitcom with Andrea Torres.

Listen to Karen's podcast episode with John Lloyd here:

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