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Juancho Trivino Opens Up About Working In A BPO During The Pandemic

It was completely 'unfamiliar territory!'
juancho trivino
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/juanchotrivino

Because of the pandemic, we've seen maaany celebrities try out new jobs aside from acting: Jinri Park and Rich Asuncion talked about working as waitresses in Australia, and Donita Rose is now a research and development chef in the US.

The latest personality to open up about exploring new opportunities is Juancho Triviño. Over the weekend, he took to Instagram to share that he actually worked in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company in 2020! 

"A lot of you might not know, but last year during the height of the pandemic last year, when we had no work (tapings, digital stuff, and businesses) I got a job in a BPO company," Juancho wrote. "I actually did send out my resume to a couple of companies that [were] hiring during that time. It was unfamiliar territory for me cause I have never worked in any corporate setting in my life, and then I did. They got me as a project manager (praise the Lord), and aside from the financial help a payslip gave us I also gained some valuable experience kahit na hindi siya nag-tagal (but that's another story)." 

juancho trivino BPO job
juancho trivino BPO

ICYDK, Juancho graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship from De La Salle University in 2020. In an IG post, he talked about balancing school and his acting career for years, sharing that when he was late during taping days, he would actually ride an Angkas to school.

juancho trivino graduation
juancho trivino angkas
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According to Juancho's LinkedIn profile, he is also the owner of a Tokyo Tempura franchise. In April 2021, he talked about his business having a hard time during the community quarantine, saying: "It's still made some sales pero not to the volume as it did before. But surviving, nakikita ko rin siyempre yung mga employees din namin, siyempre they also need work. Kami ng sister ko which is my partner are also very much happy to be helping other people and to be giving service around."

Juancho and Joyce Pring tied the knot in February 2020 and welcomed their first child, Alonso Eliam Pring Triviño, in July 2021. 

joyce pring gives birth


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