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Julia Barretto: 'I've always wanted to be more than my last name'

Read her open letter about her latest film, 'I Love You, Hater.'
PHOTO: Instagram/juliabarretto

Julia Barretto penned a heartfelt letter about pouring her heart and soul into her newest film, I Love You, Hater, that premiered last week.


In the post, Julia spoke about public scrutiny in her line of work. "In my whole journey as an actress, more often I was doubted, I was judged, I had to deal with scrutiny from people who did not know me," shared Julia. "People did not give me the chance to make some mistakes, learn and to better myself."

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She also talked about her drive to work hard for her craft and passion, which is acting. "I've always wanted to prove my doubters wrong. I've always wanted to be more than my last name," she wrote. "I wanted to make a name for myself."

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Talking about I Love You, Hater Julia said that becoming her character, Zoey, was an outlet. "I was faced with one of the biggest challenges of my life before doing this film. My every heartache, every pain I felt in my body as Julia, I used Zoey as my outlet."

Julia further wrote about what the movie means to her, saying, "I embraced this film. I put down my walls, I let people in and see me at my most vulnerable."

She ended her lovely letter by thanking the people behind I Love You, Hater, which also stars Joshua Garcia and Kris Aquino, and concluded, "We made a movie to add positivity to people's lives and make them feel that they're not alone. We are not going to allow any kind of negativity to lurk around our film."

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