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Jung Hae In Spills Deets About His Swoon-Worthy Film, 'Tune In For Love'

He's starring opposite Kim Go Eun!
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We can never resist Jung Hae In's cuteness and we've all gushed over his roles in the Korean dramas Something In The Rain (2018) and One Spring Night (2019). We don't have to wait that long to see him because he's coming back to the PH on September 28, 2019 for his second fan meet in the country! It's less than a month away, so let that fact sink in while you LOOK AT THAT FACE: 

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ICYMI, Hae In is starring in a new romance film opposite Kim Go Eun, and we honestly can't stop talking about it! Set in 1994, Tune In For Love (also known as Yoo Yeol's Music Album) tells the story of Mi Soo (Go Eun) and Hyun Woo (Hae In), two people who keep crossing paths at the wrong time. The latest trailer shows us how they first met, how they long to meet each other again, and even gives us a glimpse of their "aww"-worthy reunion! 

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Cosmopolitan Philippines got to ask Hae In some Qs about the movie, including his fave scene to shoot and his preparations for the role! 

Since Tune In For Love is set in 1994, what's your fondest '90s memory?

I still remember the streets of my hometown where I used to play ball with my friends.

What radio programs did you listen to when you were younger?

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To be honest, I was the one who played outside rather than listened to the radio when I was young! 

What's your favorite trait about your character in Tune in for Love?

The best trait of my character, Hyun Woo, is that he is trying to overcome the given environment without blaming it. That's what I like the most about him.

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What's the most memorable scene you filmed with Kim Go Eun?

There's a scene where Mi Soo and Hyun Woo are filming each other by using a camcorder. That scene is the most memorable and impressive one for me!

What preparations did you have to make to get into character?

I analyzed the script by talking with the director a lot. And I tried my best to act genuinely, by trusting my co-star Go Eun as well.

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If there's one takeaway from the film you'd want the audience to get, what is it?

I think...the value of youth and love is always the same, then and now. I hope the audience will remember memories of their first love and of their youth when they watch this movie.

Watch the kilig trailer for Tune In For Love here:


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