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8 K-Pop Idols And Their *Super* Cute Pets

They are their favorite stress relievers!
8 K-Pop Idols  Who Are Pet Owners

Humans are great companions but for animal lovers, there is something about being surrounded by cute pets that can truly take away all the stress. Our favorite K-pop idols are no exception and they are among us who have an undying love for them!

We all know how busy their schedules can be and we can just imagine how excited they are to see their pets after a long day of work. As fans, we love our faves' interactions with their fur babies and we're always happy to see their pics on their social media accounts.

Below, we listed some K-pop idols who are pet owners:

1. BTS' V – Yeontan

From IG and Twitter posts to Weverse moments, V is a certified proud fur parent to Yeontan. He has shared multiple charming videos and photos of his bb and with that, we saw this Pomeranian grow right in front of our eyes. Not to mention that Yeontan is a rockstar for being a top trending topic every time V shares their wonderful time together. This fur baby is also very lucky for getting a huge amount of love from all of the BTS members. Now, who wouldn't want to be Yeontan even just for a day? Indeed, a ~*pet with luv*~.

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BTS' V and Yeontan

2. BLACKPINK's Rosé – Hank

Described as a "special breed" by Rosé, Hank is receiving all the affection from the BLACKPINK member. The pet was abandoned by its previous owner and she adopted it. Since then, she wants the world to see how proud she is of her puppy and that's evident when she appears on variety shows. You can have a glimpse of Rosé and Hank's moments on the Instagram dedicated to this pet, @hank_says_hank. Here, you can see that this dog's specialty is having a very happy tail and Rosé certainly *likes that!*

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BLACKPINK's Rose and Hank

3. TXT's Taehyun – Hobak

Taehyun's childhood days will always be remembered with colorful memories spent with his cat, Hobak. It is safe to say that Hobak is a part of the Kang family since Taehyun himself even addressed his pet as Kang Hobak. The two of them grew up together so it's understandable why Taehyun misses Hobak a lot. Fun fact: Hobak means pumpkin in Korean. What a cute name! Just like the lyrics in TXT's "Cat And Dog," ~It's no coincidence, it’s a kitty-incidence.~

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4. ENHYPEN's Jake – Layla

A lot of times, Jake has expressed how much he loves his dog, Layla. It was actually not in Jake's plan to get a pet but fate brought them together and eventually, the two of them became proof that dogs are truly man's best friend. They're definitely *blessed not cursed* for having each other! This "happy-little-Aussie-boy" has already shared plenty of cute pictures of his puppy and every time he does, we are all gushing over their sweet friendship.

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ENHYPEN's Jake and Layla

5. Jessi – Chewie

With more than one hundred thousand followers on his own dedicated Instagram account, Chewie is definitely no regular dog. Browse through @softandchewie's feed and it will give you a wonderful sight of the lovely bond between Jessi and her pet. The Korean artist actively shares photos and videos of her puppy and we understand why she's a proud fur mom! The Showterview host also brings Chewie on the set with her. We can only wish to be part of her team so we can see Jessi and Chewie together on a regular basis.

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Jessi and Chewie

6. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu – Bobpul

The next one on the list is Mingyu's dog, Bobpul. At first sight, this cute little puppy looks like a stuffed toy that no one can resist. Its fluffiness will make you want to give her unlimited hugs and kisses! Mingyu being a giant baby together with Bobpul makes an incredible and ~very nice~ tandem. As a fur parent, the SEVENTEEN member loves to spoil his pet as he buys Bobpul designer clothes. If you want to see more of this bb, you can check @kimbobpul on Instagram. A little trivia: Bobpul has a puppy sibling named Aji!

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Mingyu and Bobpul

7. Park Ji Hoon – Max

Ji Hoon is a certified dog lover! The Produce 101 Season 2 alumnus is one delighted fur dad to his Schnauzer dog, Max. This puppy has been with Ji Hoon since 2018 and he's a witness to many ~beautiful~ milestones. Max is even dubbed as the "12th Wanna One member" because Ji Hoon loves to bring him for other members to see! With much love and trust, Ji Hoon let his pet choose his fandom name, and being the wise creature that it is, it gave birth to the name, MAY.

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Park Ji Hoon and Max

8. EXO's Chanyeol – Toben

We got another famous puppy and this time, it's Chanyeol’s Toben, a black poodle breed dog named after Beethoven. With thousands of followers on Instagram, @tobenstagram has plenty of photos and videos showing how adorable this fluffball is. In one Instagram post, the EXO member recognized his pet as a genius dog and he gives all the treats that his fur baby deserves. Aside from Toben, Chanyeol is a proud fur parent to another dog named Zzar who was named after Mozart. We love the musical references!

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Chanyeol and Toben


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