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9 K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Visual Artists

Meet the multi-talented K-pop stars pushing the boundaries of their artistry.

Most K-pop idols go through a rigorous training process during their adolescence, honing their skills in singing, dancing, and performing. While fans already see them as multi-hyphenates thanks to their well-rounded knack for the performing arts, there are numerous celebs who do even more than that, venturing outside the usual talents a K-pop celebrity is expected of.

Here are a few idols who’ve delved deeper into the creative industry as well as the visual arts—expressing themselves not just through performance and music, but also through design, fashion, photography, and more! What’s awesome is that most of them come from your favorite K-pop groups. Learn more about these idols-slash-artists and check out their works right here!

K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Visual Artists

1. Red Velvet's Seulgi

Red Velvet’s Seulgi sometimes shares her pieces with the world via her Instagram account. She uses numerous materials for her art, from ballpoint pens and pastels to acrylic paint. Judging by her work, she enjoys doing portraits of various celebrities and personalities. She’s made art of Billie Eilish, Audrey Hepburn (this one’s a bit different because she used pointillism style instead), Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, Vincent Van Gogh, and even fellow labelmate and idol Taeyeon! It’s surprising that she never took art lessons or went to art school with the amount of skill she possesses.

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The8 isn’t only known for being SEVENTEEN’s lead dancer and one of their best performers. A good Carat friend of mine described him as “one of those all-around creatives,” being skilled in fashion design, photography, illustration, and painting. Along with fellow member Mingyu (also recognized for his photography), The8 showcased his paintings and art at a special SEVENTEEN exhibition two years ago. He also happens to DIY some of his clothing and acted as the members’ stylist for SEVENTEEN’s self-produced magazine released this year.

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3. WINNER's Mino

Mino from WINNER is one of the most famous idol-artists in the industry. He frequently posts his ventures in the art world as well as behind-the-scenes photos of his paintings on his IG account.. In 2019, he made his debut as a painter at the Special Exhibition for Emerging Artists, where he submitted three paintings. A year after that, his acrylic paintings eventually made their way to London at the Saatchi Gallery for Korean Eye 2020: Creativity and Daydream exhibit, which was the first-ever case for any idol or Korean singer! “In my paintings, I use the harmony of shapes and colors as a way to capture the fleeting emotions that one cannot express through words,” he told Sports Kyunghang.

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4. SHINee's Key

If you’re looking for idols who also happen to be designers and fashionistas, Key from SHINee should most definitely be on your list. He’s highly renowned for being one of the best dressed K-pop personalities in the industry, and he’s been designing SHINee’s concert outfits since the Odd era. He collaborates closely with the stylists he works with and even experiments with art and painting. SHINee’s Misconceptions of Us has album art that was famously done by Key himself. On his Instagram account, you can also see that he frequently visits galleries and exhibitions.

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5. BTS' Jungkook

Jungkook isn’t called BTS’ “golden maknae” for nothing. Sure, he can do all the things an idol can do exceptionally well, but if you’re a hardcore ARMY, you’re probably also aware of the fact that he’s a gifted artist, known for his illustrations and paintings. He managed to show fans just how skilled he is in an episode of BTS In The Soop, creating a beautiful landscape piece in the process. A painting that he did of fellow member Suga is also another piece that’s widely known among fans. Rumor has it that Jungkook designed a number of his tattoos as well! 

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6. TWICE's Chaeyoung 

She’s a multi-hyphenate for good reason. TWICE’s Chaeyoung doesn’t only dance, sing, and rap, but she also writes and illustrates quite beautifully. She heavily contributes to TWICE’s songwriting and production, being talented in multiple areas of creativity. Chaeyoung also enjoys drawing and designing, and her work was featured on the cover of TWICE’s limited edition Page Two album. Apart from that, she designed three pairs from a series of limited edition sneakers by the brand SPRIS. Honestly, her fans often wonder about what this woman can’t do.

7. ITZY's Yuna

ITZY’s Yuna definitely has more to her than being a talented performer and the group’s youngest member. She also happens to love painting and drawing, and is quite good at it! Last year, Yuna expressed how much she enjoys the arts and even showed some of her work to fans over a couple of V-Live broadcasts. It seemed that she dabbled in a lot of co-curricular while growing up, because other than the arts, she did football and ballet too. We only hope that we get to see more of her original art and paintings online, since she obviously has a knack for it!

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8. Girl’s Day's Yura

Yura has been recognized as a skilled artist for quite some time now. Famous for her calming paintings of scenic landscapes, this girl group member frequently posts her art on IG account and has put her pieces up at various exhibits. She seems to love using oil as her main material for painting, but is also a talented sketcher and portrait artist. It’s no wonder she has talent for visual art, since she used to study it when she was still in school, before debuting as a member of Girl’s Day. She shared, “While I was in 8th grade I briefly studied art and was complemented by the teachers as being gifted. I now draw as a method to relieve stress or when I’m in a peaceful mood.”

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9. NCT's Ten

Ten of NCT has been sharing his art and drawings on his Instagram account for a while now, showcasing various sketches and black and white work on paper. Recently, he collaborated with the brand Represent on his very own clothing designs, having his art on the pieces as well! He also dabbles in painting. Plus, did you know that Ten also designs his own tattoos? If he wasn’t an NCT member, he’d probably be an amazing tattoo artist as well!

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