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5 K-Pop Songs To Listen To No Matter Your ~Relationship Status~

5 Must-Listen K-Pop Songs This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is *finally* here and you probably got hit by ads on flowers, chocolates, and other gift ideas no matter your relationship status. Your single friends are most likely sharing memes about their singlehood. Your friends who are in relationships are celebrating with their significant others. And all your other friends in complicated status? We're not too sure.

What we definitely know is that with the amount of good K-pop songs that talk about love and matters of the heart, there's surely one for you whether you're single, in a relationship, and everything in between! We’ve compiled some of them which you can check out and add to your playlist. Who knows? You might find your V-day anthem to play on repeat (maybe even for the whole month!).

Must-listen K-pop songs on Valentine's Day:

1. If you're single, waiting for *the one*, and wishing they'll come sooner, listen to "Across The Universe" by Baek Yerin.

Longing to find that person who will sweep you off your feet to your happy-ever-after? Have you been single for quite a while and you want to experience the feeling of falling in love again? Or are you an NBSB/NGSB and you’re ready to be with someone special?

"Across The Universe" by Baek Yerin expresses that pure feeling of hope in the waiting without sounding desperate. You will want to play this song while daydreaming where, when, and how you’ll meet the love of your life.

The lyrics that will hit right in the feels: Come across the universe between you and me. Would you like to come over to me? The space between you and me, the universe in between, I will fill it up with you. Come over to me.


Check out the MV and you just might relate to Baek Yerin as you spend Valentine’s Day like her here (just kidding!):

2. If you’re experiencing one-sided love and you’re thinking whether to confess or not, listen to "Love You (Bye)" by Cheeze.

Are you in love with someone but you don't know if they feel the same way? Have you been wanting to express your feelings, but you're scared to lose the comfortable friendship you currently have together?

"Love You (Bye)" by Cheeze brings all the exciting yet painful feelings of unrequited love to the surface. The lyrics show the nervous state of wanting to confess yet being scared of not knowing how the other person feels. You’ll definitely feel those bittersweet pangs while listening to this song. Or maybe, you’ll find the courage you need.

The lyrics that will hit right in the feels: The words "I miss you" blurt out. Am I in love with you? When our eyes meet, my heart feels like it’ll explode though I don’t want you to know.

The official MV even has a storyline that depicts one-sided love that will make you wish they end up together. Watch it here:

3. If you have been in a happy relationship for a long time and you see forever with this person, listen to "Me After You" by Paul Kim.

Have you been in a long-term relationship, and you feel like you have gone through the ups and downs of life stronger together? When you look at your significant other, do you feel at peace and thankful that you met them? Do you feel like you want to spend your whole life with this person?

watch now

"Me After You" by Paul Kim is a classic love song by now with its widespread popularity when it was released three years ago until now. It’s a song used a lot for proposals and weddings because it expresses the heartfelt feelings of love, gratitude, and happiness towards your forever person as you promise to treat them well for the rest of your lives.

The lyrics that will hit right in the feels: I was surprised with the fact that we got used to each other. I love you. Just like now when it’s peaceful. "I want to be with you forever." I thought that as I was looking at you.

Check out this romantic proposal with Paul Kim himself singing this song live (prepare your tissues!):

4. If you're confused about your relationship status because it's complicated, listen to "Yes No Maybe" by Suzy.

Are you unsure whether you’re single or in a relationship because it’s somewhere in between? Do you want to let go of someone but somehow you can’t help but keep coming back?

"Yes No Maybe" by Suzy is the anthem of the confused and the marupok. The song reveals the jumbled feelings of trying to stay away from someone, but you can’t help but go back. The lyrics include a message convincing yourself to stop but still being torn once you hear their voice.

The lyrics that will hit right in the feels: I can't keep doing this. The end is so obvious. I can’t keep walking on this path. This path I shouldn’t be on, I see myself going back on it. I don’t understand myself.


Watch this special clip of Suzy performing "Yes No Maybe" here:

5. If you’re heartbroken and missing someone now more than ever, listen to "Missing You" by BTOB.

Can’t join the love month celebration because of a breakup? Still in the middle of grieving over a lost relationship? Are you missing someone so much it feels like you won’t be able to move on?

"Missing You" by BTOB fully expresses the feeling of longing and pain for someone you cannot be with anymore. The lyrics show that stage of trying to move on and live your life but even though time passes, life feels incomplete without the person.

The lyrics that will hit right in the feels: Even if a whole day passes by missing you, even if a year passes by trying to forget you, I just live like this. I'm missing you, missing you.

Hopefully, by watching the MV, you’ll at least get distracted by BTOB's visuals and talent (*hugs*). Check it out here:

Found the song that fits you? Share this list with your friends who you think are experiencing any of these matters of the heart. We wish you love and happiness now and in the future!

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