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Katherine Langford Talks About How She Handled The Intense Fight Scenes In 'Cursed'

Did you know that she trained as a swimmer for almost a decade?
katherine langford training for cursed
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) DES WILLIE/Netflix, Instagram/katherinelangford

Like many of you, I finished the entire season of Cursed in one sitting. Already a hit, Cursed is a reimagining of the legend of King Arthur—but in this story, the hero is a woman. Katherine Langford plays a Fey (or fairy) named Nimue who fights the Red Paladins for the survival of her kind. And for 10 whole episodes, she wields the sword (Excalibur) like a fucking badass. I have never been more convinced that I need sword-fighting lessons ASAP!

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One of the reasons why Katherine took on the role is the "new challenges" it presented, which included intense fight scenes. She told E! News, "I'm a former athlete. I trained as a swimmer for nearly 10 years, so to be able to use my body for a role is something that I've never done before. I was really excited to dive into that. During shooting, it's cold and you really have to fully commit." 

She continued, "It's one of the most grueling shooting experiences I've had...It was a lot of physicality and not just on the one-off fight scenes and stunt was also shooting outside a lot. It was coping with being in the cold, being in rain, playing the soon-to-be Lady of the Lake, you're in water all the time...It was really an amazing experience."

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Katherine goes into more detail on what it took to get those fight scenes right: "So I think we had about a three- to four-week period before we started shooting. It was sort of like a bootcamp setup. I would do three to four hours of swords and horse-riding, and once shooting started, it just became part of the every day to day." Bow down to the queen!


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