KC Montero And Stephanie Dods Are Married!

KC's IG post will move you to tears.
PHOTO: Instagram/kcmontero

KC Montero revealed yesterday that he and his longtime girlfriend, beauty queen and interior decorator Stephanie Dods, actually got married in September.

In an Instagram post, KC shared photos of their civil wedding in the U.S., accompanied by a super touching and sweet message to Stephanie, where he recalled how they met and how thankful he is to have wed her. Get ready with some tissue because this will be a tear-jerker. 

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"On September 9th, 2019, I married my best friend," the actor and Kumu exec said in his post. "She’s the person I plan vacations with just to realize that we never really wanted to leave home in the first place, the one person who calls out my shit and brings me back to earth. A person who isn’t afraid to be honest with me and makes me want to be honest with her."

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"She’s the one who loves me more than I’ve ever been loved before and [who is] never afraid to show it or feel it. She’s the one who picked me up after my father passed, let me cry and at the same time made me strong. She became my reason why. Why I work, why I smile, why I laugh and why I can finally sleep. The reason why I’m happy to go home after a long day knowing she’s on the other side of that door. Every doubt, every question disappears when I look into her eyes. She is my home. She is my wife."

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Stephanie had an equally moving Instagram post where she expressed her gratitude for having married KC. She also revealed details about their last-minute wedding preps and referred to a "first ceremony" that happened earlier in the year.

"I never dreamed of a big wedding; the only thing that I knew I wanted was for my lola to be there and for her to walk me down the aisle," Stephanie wrote. "But sometimes things happen that are out of our control."

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"Our first ceremony happened at the beginning of the year, holding my lola's hand in the hospital, something we chose not to share. Life doesn’t always happen the way you imagined it. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and you end up planning a courthouse wedding in a week.. and you’re painting your shoes white 'til 3 a.m. because you couldn’t find anything else. Life isn’t perfect and you can’t control every aspect of it. But you can control who you spend the rest of your life with and I couldn’t be more blessed to have found my husband, my best friend, who I will continue to choose every day for the rest of my life."

KC and Stephanie started dating in 2015 and got engaged in December 2017. 

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Congrats, KC and Stephanie!

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