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What You Need To Know About Kim Soo Hyun's Comeback Drama 'Psycho But It's Okay'

It's his first drama in FIVE years!
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Kim Soo Hyun fans, today is an awesome day: In a report by Soompi, our oppa is confirmed to star in a new drama real soon! I know the wait has been excruciating for some of us, but fret not 'cause we have some major deets about his comeback drama, Psycho But It's Okay. Here's what y'all need to know:

Psycho But It's Okay is Soo Hyun's first drama in FIVE years!

Soo Hyun took a hiatus from showbiz duties when he enlisted for his mandatory military service in October 2017. He was discharged in July 2019 and has since made appearances in two top dramas: Hotel Del Luna (2019) and Crash Landing On You (2020). But his last starring role in a drama was way back in 2015 for The Producers.

So, what's Psycho But It's Okay all about?

Psycho But It's Okay (working title) is a fantasy romance drama about a community health worker named Moon Kang Tae (Soo Hyun) who couldn't care less about love or relationships because of his tough childhood. He then encounters a storybook writer with a birth defect that caused her to never have experienced love. They then "slowly begin to heal each other's emotional wounds."

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Who's co-starring with Soo Hyun?

His leading lady isn't 100 percent confirmed, but 29-year-old actress Seo Ye Ji is reportedly in talks to costar with him! Her previous dramas include Lawless Lawyer (2018) and Hwarang (2016).

When is it airing?

Again, there's nothing confirmed about the airing date but it's slated to premiere in the first half of 2020.

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