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Just 10 *Super Gwapo* Photos Of Our ~Comeback King~, Kim Soo Hyun

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Photos of Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun
PHOTO: Instagram/soohyun_k216

Can you believe it's been ~five years~ since we last saw Kim Soo Hyun, aka one of our OG oppas and the "King Of Cameos," star in a K-drama? When he finished his mandatory military service in July 2019, the actor made cameos in Hotel del Luna and Crash Landing On You. Fans didn't have to wait *too* long for a leading role, though—Kim Soo Hyun made a 2020 comeback with Netflix's It's Okay To Not Be Okay, and we're HOOKED

A new project also means he's been updating his social media accounts with lots of new content (thank you, oppa!). Below, a selection of photos to make your inner #KimSooHyun fangirl happy. *winks*

1. It all started with this *stunning* headshot.

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2. How long can you last in a staring contest against him, truly?

3. Imagine getting a 'good morning' selfie from him!

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4. When you're trying to take a selfie but the sun is too bright so you gotta squint—how does he still look cute?!

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5. He looks good even on film!

6. Check out how gwapo he is standing beside a food truck (sent by Park Seo Joon!)

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8. We're totally distracted by the view (and we're not talking about the background *winks*).

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9. Truly a "Sleeping Beauty" (sorry, we couldn't resist).

10. Hats off to you, sir! [Insert a million heart-eyes emojis]

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