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Who Is Nanno's Body Double In 'Girl From Nowhere?'

Meet Nanno's 'twin!'

Last month, Girl From Nowhere star KITTY CHICHA posted an IG Story with the caption "This person makes the devil business possible," and that's when fans realized that she actually had a designated body double for Season 2! 

girl from nowhere body double

What we know about Nanno's Girl From Nowhere body double

Like KITTY CHICHA, Nanno's "twin" is actually a Thai fashion and commercial model! Her name is Kennet and she goes by @kennety on Instagram. Kennet currently has over 35,000 followers on the platform and has worked with brands such as Armani Beauty Thailand and Topshop Thailand

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Based on her IG posts, it looks like she appeared in several Girl From Nowhere episodes, including the one where we find out about Yuri's (Chanya McClory) backstory. Kennet even shared some pretty *bloody* photos and clips from the GFN set! 

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Her scenes, of course, were edited so seamlessly that we never noticed it wasn't really KITTY CHICHA on cam! Here's Kennet bonding with Yuri and her "friends:" 

Girl From Nowhere is a Netflix series about a girl named Nanno who transfers to different high schools, where she exposes the deep dark secrets of students and faculty. The first season aired in 2018 while the second season was released in May 2021. 

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See you again (hopefully) in Season 3, Kennet! 


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