Lauren Young Claps Back At Bashers Tweeting About Her Comments On Alleged Elmo Magalona And Janella Salvador Abuse Issue

'You have no right to speak to me this way. You're a speck of dust in my universe and you really don't matter to me.'

You’ll recall that in October, Janella Salvador said she allegedly suffered from physical abuse from Elmo Magalona, her former love team partner and rumored ex-boyfriend. At a recent press conference reported by, Lauren Young, Elmo’s ex-girlfriend, was asked about the issue.  

“I know Elmo very differently. I mean, siyempre ang pangit kasi if I would say I believe the girl, then what will my management say about it? But if I say I believe the boy, then everyone’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, you’re a victim blamer!’” The actress, whose manager is Elmo’s mom, Pia Magalona, said, “I mean, no matter what I say, someone will get angry. But for me, the safest answer and most showbiz answer for tonight is, it’s none of my business because hindi ko kilala si Janella.”

Asked if she ever experienced physical abuse from Elmo, Lauren said, “Nope! Do you think someone can hit me? Sapakin kita diyan, upuan ko lang sila. Charot!” She said, “I think someone is lying. I don’t know… Sometimes, some people bend the truth, some people… Sucks if it’s true, sucks if it’s not true. Then someone is a liar. But for me, it’s none of my business.”

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After the interview was released, some fans came out swinging on Twitter.

Lauren clapped back and said, “You have no right to speak to me this way. You’re a speck of dust in my universe and you really don’t matter to me. So bye, girl.”

Finally, Lauren reiterated that she never said Janella was lying.

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