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A Timeline Of Janella Salvador And Elmo Magalona's Relationship

Also known as 'ElNella,' the two first met in 2015.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/superjanella, (RIGHT) Instagram/perrytabora

Janella Salvador recently accused Elmo Magalona of physically hurting her while under the influence of alcohol. The 20-year-old actress also said that the incident happened twice, and that she was speaking up now not to hurt Elmo, but to clear things up and stop the rumors. 

In light of recent events, here’s a detailed timeline of their relationship:  

November 2015

Then 18 and 22, Janella and Elmo were launched as ABS-CBN’s newest love team. Elmo moved to the Kapamilya network from GMA-7 to be part of a new series called Born For You. 

Here's what Janella said about her new onscreen partner: “He seems like a very nice guy. Parang gentleman naman siya. We haven’t really talked. We are all hoping na this is going to work. I just actually met him last week so wala pa kaming expectations. I guess naman mabilis kami magiging close dahil sa music nga. I think we are going to have bondings din. I’m sure naman by January, we are close na.” 

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December 2015

Here’s the earliest photo of the two that we could find on Janella’s Insta account where she made a reference to the show Sesame Street

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March 2016

Elmo and Janella, along with the cast of their series Born For You, taped some scenes in Japan.

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June 2016

Before their teleserye aired, the pair went on an interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda where Tito Boy asked them if they’re more than a love team. The couple said that they only got to know each other a few months ago and that they believed that they didn’t have to actually be together to portray their characters Kevin and Sam.

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The pilot episode of Born For You, aired on ABS-CBN. Watch the trailer below: 

September 2016

The last episode of Born For You aired on ABS-CBN. In an interview with PEP, Janella revealed that if Elmo courted her and "if the circumstances are right," being more than just friends was a possibility. At that time, Elmo was still in a relationship with actress Janine Gutierrez.

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October 2016

Janine confirmed that she and Elmo broke up, due to their conflicting schedules. Janella denied that she was involved in the breakup, saying: “Ako, ang reaction ko diyan, wala, kasi as long as I know na wala naman akong ginawang masama, I’d rather stay out of that 'cos I’m not involved naman…Of course I do feel bad. But I’m always gonna be here for Elmo, syempre more for Elmo 'cos he’s my friend. If I have to comfort, I’m gonna be here for him naman.”

Elmo and Janella first attended the Star Magic Ball together on October 22.

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February 2017

Janella’s mom Jenine Desiderio posted cryptic tweets about a certain “gentleman” who was in her daughter's life. On February 4, she tweeted: "I want no less than a gentleman for my daughter. Not one who looks and pretends to be decent but sneaks behind my back."

And on February 5, she warned: "I am this close to revealing who you are. Straighten up and clean up your act or it's the end of you.

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April 2017

Janella posted a sweet message for Elmo’s birthday: 

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September 2017

Elmo surprised Janella with a date proposal for the Star Magic Ball by serenading her with Frank Sinatra’s "The Way You Look Tonight." He also penned a poem for her which said: "To waste this opportunity would be a pity. Princess, will you go to the ball with me?"

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January 2018

The two attended Elmo's older sister Maxene Magalona's wedding to Robby Mananquil.

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February 2018

They also celebrated Valentine’s Day together. Elmo prepared a surprise rooftop dinner for Janella. According to Janella's caption, Elmo said: "I wish I could have planned a better Valentine's Day celebration for us but this is all I could come up with today."

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Elmo called Janella his “one and only” during their guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda.

Their film, My Fairy Tail Love Story, also premiered during this month. 

April 2018

Janella and Elmo took a vacation to the US where they celebrated Janella's 20th birthday in the ~*happiest*~ place on Earth, Disneyland. The couple also recreated a scene from the film La La Land.

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June 2018

Janella celebrated the second anniversary of their love team through an Instagram post.

Later that month, fans wondered why she wasn’t at the premiere of Elmo’s film Walwal. Janella expressed her dismay at Elmo's failure to defend her against bashers through Instagram Stories: "I'm sure you all know that I would always choose to defend Elmo (even he knows that), but I guess I have no one to do the same for me but myself."

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August 2018

During an interview with PEP, Elmo revealed that he and Janella are close, but that they’re not ~official~ yet. “But I’m doing my best to show her na I’m always there for her,” the actor added.  

September 2018  

On September 9, Janella tweeted: “I think everyone deserves someone who does not hurt them regardless [of whether] they’re drunk or not. Men who are raised properly are never supposed to hurt women no matter what.” She did not name names or confirm that she was talking about anyone in particular. 

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Through Twitter, Janella’s mom Jenine claimed that Elmo’s mother Pia Magalona tried to cover up the fact that Elmo hurt her daughter.

On September 29, Janella walked the ABS-CBN red carpet solo. ElNella fans and even the event’s hosts took notice of Elmo’s absence.

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October 2018  

Janella accused Elmo of physically hitting her twice in her tell-all interview for The Philippine Star. According to Janella, the second time he hurt her happened during a party hosted by her friend. She also revealed that she fought back by slapping Elmo because she felt “disrespected.”

For two years, I focused on Elmo and myself. This time, I am giving more attention to myself. He hurt me and I cannot, can never tolerate that,” Janella declared.   

When Ricky Lo asked if she still loves Elmo, Janella replied, “I did say na love ko siyaHindi naman ganoon kabilis mawawala yun.”

While Elmo and members of his family have not yet issued a statement regarding the matter, it was noticeable how Elmo's mom Pia Magalona shared a link about Borderline Personality Disorder on Twitter and said: "In borderline personality disorder, devaluation often alternates with idealization. They may shift from great admiration for a loved one—idealization of that person—to an intense anger or dislike towards that person—devaluation of that person."

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