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The 5 Types Of Leading Men You'll Meet In A Pinoy Teleserye

Which one's your fave?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Dolce Amore/ABS-CBN, (RIGHT) Pangako Sa'Yo/ABS-CBN

A Filipino teleserye isn't complete without the *dashing* leading man. He will make you fall in love with him and make you root for his star-crossed love story with the leading lady. At times, he can even make you cry! 

Here, we listed down five leading men that you're sure to meet in a soap opera: 

1. The Rich Kid With The Bitchy Mom 

Who we're thinking of: Jericho Rosales as Angelo in Pangako Sa 'Yo (2000 to 2002) and Dingdong Dantes as Sergio in Marimar (2007 to 2008) 

The rich guy + poor girl trope will never go out of style, and neither will the guys' kontrabida tiger moms. These leading men are usually rich and privileged, are being groomed to take over the family businesses, and are good and obedient sons. However, when they fall for someone who's deemed *beneath them*, their mothers step in to do everything in their power to put an abrupt—and unnecessary—end to the romance. 


2. The Hardworking ~Poor Boy~

Who we're thinking of: Enrique Gil as Tenten in Dolce Amore (2016) and Joshua Garcia as Elias in The Killer Bride (2019)

They're not rich, but they're certainly charming! They're part of loving families and they'll do anything and take odd jobs to make ends meet. They're usually dressed scruffily, in sandos, shorts, and slippers, and they fall for girls who seem way out of their league. Tenten develops feelings for his childhood penpal, Serena, who comes from Italy and who was raised as a ~princess~. She even mistakes him for a criminal! Elias, although not technically poor, has that down-to-earth probinsyano vibe. 

3. The Action Star 

Who we're thinking of: Coco Martin as Cardo in Ang Probinsyano (2015 to present) and Gerald Anderson as JR in Tayong Dalawa (2009) 

They're either soldiers, policemen, or outlaws. These leading men get a lot of screen time doing action sequences, and you can always count on them to arrive just in the nick of time to rescue their one true love. Expect a lot of guns, hand-to-hand combat, injuries, and hospital scenes! 

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4. The Arrogant Douche Who's Secretly A Softie 

Who we're thinking of: Daniel Padilla as Gino in Princess And I (2012) and Joaquin in Got To Believe (2013)

They're mean. At first. And they usually start off as the leading ladies' *enemies* because they're kinda...douchey. They also use their money to throw their weight around. But, as the stories progress, we see that the arrogance and coldness of these leading men usually stem from something deeperchildhood trauma, family issues, or getting their heart broken years ago. In Princess And I, for example, Gino hires Mikay to be his date to an event even though they're not exactly on the best terms! 

5. The Playboy 

Who we're thinking of: Xian Lim as Zach in Must Date The Playboy (2015) and Alden Richards as Benjie in Destined To Be Yours (2017)

He doesn't take girls seriously and basically shifts from one ~relationship~ to another. He's damaged a lot of hearts and made girls cry buckets of tearsuntil he meets the leading lady who will make him change his ways. 


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