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10 Must-Watch Korean Dramas Starring Lee Dong Wook

He's played a superhero, a royal physician, a baseball player, and more!
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Can you believe Lee Dong Wook has been in the acting industry since 1999?! His first legit acting role was in the teen drama series School 2. Since then, he has starred in many shows such as Merry Go Round (2003), My Girl (2005), and Hanoi Bride (2005)! 

We know you're always game to dedicate several hoursor daysto binge-watching, so here's a rundown of Dong Wook's most recent K-dramas

1. Scent Of A Woman (2011)

According to Viki, this drama tells the story of "spinster" Yeon-jae (Kim Sun A), who is told that she only has six months left to live. She decides to go on vacation in Japan and meets Ji-wook (Dong Wook), her dream man who helps her check off all the things on her bucket list. 

2. Wild Romance (2012) 

The trailer introduces us to popular baseball player Mu Yeol (Dong Wook) and former judo athlete Eun Jae (Lee Si Young) who absolutely hate each other. However, they're forced to spend a lot of time together when Eun Jae is assigned as Mu Yeol's new bodyguard! 


3. The Fugitive Of Joseon (2013) 

Viki tells us that in this historical drama, a royal physician (Dong Wook) is determined to clear his name after being accused of trying to poison the Crown Prince. He becomes a fugitive, and, at the same time, tries to find a cure for his daughter's illness.

4. Hotel King (2014) 

Dong Wook stars as a hotel manager who helps a spoiled heiress save her father's legacy by keeping her family's seven-star hotel intact.

5. Blade Man (2014) 

Hong Bin (Dong Wook), who runs a game development company, has INTENSE anger management issues. When he gets super angry, blades come out of his body. Aside from the blades, he also develops superhuman powers such as a heightened sense of smell and the ability to run faster than cars! 

6. Bubblegum (2015) 

Two childhood friends who couldn't be more different from each other end up falling in love! This drama is super memorable to Lee Dong Wook fans because of a kissing scene that involved...bubblegum

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7. Goblin (2016) 

Dong Wook's character, the Grim Reaper, is an immortal who's in charge of guiding souls to their next life. In the series, he falls hard for Sunny (Yoo In Na), the owner of a chicken restaurant.

8. Life (2018)

In this medical drama, Dong Wook plays the role of an ER doctor who works at Sangkook University Hospital. The hospital is taken over by a corporation whose CEO wants to turn it into a *profitable* business, instead of a place whose primary interest is to help its patients. PS. It's on Netflix

9. Touch Your Heart (2019) 

Actress Oh Yoon Seo (Yoo In Na) gets involved in a drug scandal that severely damages her career. In order to ~get back on track~ and grab the role she wants, she has to work as a lawyer's secretary. Cold and arrogant Kwon Jung Rok (Dong Wook) has no choice but to let her work for him! 


10. Strangers From Hell (2019) 

Based on a popular webtoon, this thriller series tells the story of a dormitory and its ~slightly creepy~ residents. Dong Wook's character is a mysterious dentist whose clinic is located near the dorm.   

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