Your Guide To The Cast Of 'Looking For Alaska,' A Series Based On The John Green Novel

PSA: They're all REALLY CUTE.
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John Green's 2005 YA novel Looking For Alaska is finally a TV show! It's not available in the Philippines just yet (it's a HULU OG series), but we know you're super psyched to watch it!

Here's a guide to the cast of characters of this new teen show: 

Miles "Pudge" Halter

Miles, the main character of the story, transfers to Culver Creek Preparatory School and ends up falling for a girl named Alaska. He is played by 20-year-old Charlie Plummer in the series. Charlie previously starred in the films King Jack (2015) and Lean On Pete (2017). 

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Alaska Young

In the novel, Alaska is wild, unpredictable, and is struggling with her mom's death. The character is brought to life by 23-year-old Kristine Froseth, who is familiar to us because of her roles in Sierra Burgess Is A Loser (2018) and The Society (2019).

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Chip Martin

Denny Love plays Miles' roommate, a scholarship student whose nickname is "The Colonel." He loves pranking the wealthy students of their school! Denny's previous projects include Chicago P.D. (2014), Empire (2016), and Lucifer (2015).

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Takumi Hikohito 

Takumi, played by Jay Lee, is a Japanese-American rapper who ~knows all the gossip~ in school. Actor Jay Lee graduated from the University Of Southern California's School Of Dramatic Arts and had roles in the TV show American Vandal (2017) and the film Bully (2018).

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Lara Buterskaya

Sofia Vassilieva plays Lara, Miles' girlfriend for a brief period who was born in Romania. Sofia, 26, previously played the titular role of Eloise in the children's film Eloise At The Plaza (2003) and a teenage cancer patient in My Sister's Keeper (2009).


The Colonel's girlfriend who constantly fights with him is played by Landry Bender. She was previously a Disney Channel star for Best Friends Whenever (2015).

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Longwell and Kevin 

Longwell (Uriah Shelton) and Kevin (Jordan Connor), also students at Culver Creek, are rich kids who ~don't exactly~ love Miles and The Colonel. You've probably seen Uriah in the teen show 13 Reasons Why (2017) and Jordan in Riverdale (2017).

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