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WATCH: Lucifer Morningstar Speaks Filipino In Latest Season


Everyone's favorite devil is back with the return of Lucifer on Netflix. In the series, Lucifer Morningstar charms his way into criminals' minds by asking them what they truly desire, and to do that, he must know how to speak every language in the world.

In episode seven of season five, Mr. Morningstar and Detective Decker are out solving another murder in Los Angeles. Their lead takes them to a flower shop run by a Filipino grandmother and her grandson.

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In the scene, Decker was told the grandmother doesn't speak English, to which she replied, "Oh! Well, that's not a problem. My wonderful partner here speaks every language!" 

Without missing a beat, Lucifer asks the young man, "Nagsasalita ba siya ng Tagalog?" LOL!

Watch the scene in this tweet posted by JM Perez. 

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