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Madeleine Humphries On Her Move To LA Right Before The Pandemic: 'I had to figure out how to take care of myself'

'I felt like LA was calling me. I came out here and the pandemic hit.'

Remember Carla Humphries, the Star Magic actress who starred in a slew of hit teen shows in the 2000s? Well, she actually goes by her real name now, Madeleine Humphries, and is trying to break into the Hollywood scene one acting project at a time. Madz, as she's fondly called by close friends, is currently based in Los Angeles and recently opened up about her big move to the US.

In a vlog by fellow former Star Magic artist, Michelle Madrigal, the two friends talked about their new lives in the States, how their mental health has challenged in recent years (Michelle briefly opened up about her postpartum depression), and how much they've grown up from their teen artista days. But a topic Madz wanted to focus on was her story about relocating to LA and the struggles that came along with it because of the pandemic.

Watch Carla Humphries' vlog:

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"I haven't shared this yet, and I'm happy to be on your channel because I've been wanting to actually tell my story for so long," Madz started.

"It was tough. It was really tough because I hadn't really planned on moving to the United States. I was here for a week and my friend had told me like, 'You should totally come to LA.' And I came here thinking, 'Tingnan ko nga if I can live here.' I didn't have any big ideas na, 'I'm gonna come here and I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that.' I was like, 'Tingnan ko nga,' because I feel everyone in my life is at a different stage already and I just felt like I needed to search for myself in another place. And I felt like LA was calling me. I came out here and the pandemic hit."

Moving to a new country alone is tough enough, but doing so in a pandemic made it so much more challenging for Madz: "When the pandemic hit, sa totoo lang, I was overwhelmed because I was in a new country, I had no family and no friends in Los Angeles. My only friend was nice enough to introduce me to his familyDante Basco. And his family took me in during the pandemic. But I was alone mentally. Mentally, I was in the Philippines, thinking of the worst, worrying about my family, didn't know if I should go back or stay here. I had to figure out how to take care of myself."

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Madz went on to share the changes she's made to fit her new LA lifestylefrom walking at least 10 miles a day (she doesn't own a car, fyi) to obsessing over the exorbitant food prices (she debates whether or not to spend P500 on fruit). "You need to struggle and hustle," Madz stressed.

"But you know what? I realized my resilience. The beautiful thing about the Philippines is you'll never feel alone. Kahit you're around strangers, hindi ka magugutom. You always have people ask you how you are. Here talaga, it's like every man for themselves because it's hard enough to support yourself. So if you find good enough people who will give a helping hand then you're very lucky. But it's not always the case. And you really grow up here."

In spite of it all, Madz's hustle has been quite a success. Based on her Instagram account, she's already booked several acting gigs: a Walmart commercial and a lead role in the sci-fi action film The Hunt: Savage Within!

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To know more about Madz's work, you can check out her most recent local films, Smaller And Smaller Circles and Kid Alpha One.


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