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5 Gorgeous Hollywood Celebrity House Tours I Think About A Lot

Like, pretty much all the time.
PHOTO: YOUTUBE/Architectural Digest

In the early 2000s, I used to *love* watching MTV Cribs because it was like getting to know your favorite celebs on a deeper level. They were letting you into their homes, after all. Now, as an older millennial, that translates into watching Architectural Digest's celebrity house tours. Each one feels like a visual massage, and I take mental notes of what I would want in my dream home—but in my own style. Every now and then, I like to rewatch some really good home tours, and here are five of my favorites, ranked. 

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  1. Kendall Jenner

    Having seen all the episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I was pretty surprised to find out that Kendall Jenner's house has a "bohemian and funky" style. Her taste is a little more out there than what I expected, but it's still very her: warm, chill, with a mix of earthy and neon tones. Didn't think those last two looks would work well together, but her home is proof that it does. I'm obsessed with her kitchen 'cause it's in a color you don't normally see in celebrity homes: dark forest green. UGH. LOVE.  
  2. Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba is one of those celebrities I'm always curious about. I may not know what she's working on, but it's like I *need* to know she's doing okay out there, lol. And her $10 million dollar home says it all. Describing it as "old world French vibe mixed with a modern French apartment," her house is big but cozy, and so obviously built for people who want to raise a family. One of her designers, Tommy Clements, shares that Jessica is a fan of "organic materials, natural fibers and fabrics, hemp textures, and reclaimed wood." These are not things I've ever considered, but based on how her house turned out, I'm tempted to agree wholeheartedly! 
  3. Dakota Johnson

    Every time I watch Dakota Johnson's house tour, I think to myself, "It looks like an introvert's paradise!" It embraces wood, light, and greens. At certain times during the day, light reflects from the pool and hits the ceiling of her living room, which Dakota thinks is "the coolest." In her office is a built-in bookshelf that also features a lot of her awards and little knick knacks. She painted her kitchen green—you guys, it needs to be a thing—complete with dishes she collects but doesn't use, lol. She picks up a cute pink teacup and goes, "Can you handle it?" Relatable AF! 
  4. Mandy Moore

    I love Mandy Moore. It needs to be said again: I LOVE MANDY MOORE. She's #2 on my list because even though her house's vibe is the complete opposite of my personal preference, I respect the fact that she got a gorgeous home in California for only $2.6 million. Trust me, that's a good deal. Built in 1950, Mandy kept the original brick tiles on the floor and copper hood and decorated her home with brass inlays on the floor and vintage coffee tables with gold accents, playing with metal decor around the house. "Nothing about this house feels formal...there's not a ton of separation between main living areas," shares the singer-actress. I must have a thing for really gorgeous kitchens because seeing her waterfall marble island was love at first sight for me. 
  5. Nicole Scherzinger

    The top spot has got to go to The Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger because her home feels like a place I could realistically live in. As a single woman who isn't planning on raising kids, it's smaller than the other houses, but still has enough room for get-togethers and hobbies. Like her, I also want a house with a view, so those large windows made me feel weak in the knees. My parents are really into wooden furniture, so a part of me opening up to having those in my future home, too (mostly because it reminds me of my family), but I also think marble is so beautiful. Nicole combined the two flawlessly!


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