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Mariel Rodriguez Talks About Her Weight Loss Journey

'This will be my sexiest year.'
Mariel Rodriguez shares her weight loss journey
PHOTO: (LEFT) YouTube/Mariel Padilla; (RIGHT) Instagram/marieltpadilla

Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared how she lost a total of 42 pounds since she embarked on her weight loss journey in December 2020. 

"This will be my sexiest year," Mariel declared in what appeared to be a clip from early 2021. "I know it's going to be so hard because ako yung type that as in, I really eat. I can eat a whole pint of Big Al's chocolate ice cream in one sitting. I can eat about five [pints of] ice cream."   

The host and busy mom has been sharing photos of her fitter figure on social media, prompting many fans to ask for her weight loss secrets. "It took a while because I had to finish breastfeeding Gabriela," Mariel explained. "Pero finally when I was ready, when Gabriela was ready, nag-start na 'ko mag-diet." She gave birth to Gabriela, her second daughter with Robin Padilla, in November 2019.

Mariel's weight as of this writing is 155 pounds, but she says she still wants to go down a dress size or two. Mariel says she consulted nutritionist Nadine Tengco for her diet, which included a variety of salads, fruits, vegetables, and fish.


We're sure Mariel's weight loss was no walk in the park, especially with two kids, but her determined and positive approach to the journey made it look so inspiring!

Watch Mariel Rodriguez's weight loss vlog here:

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