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Maris Racal Asks Iñigo Pascual: 'Hindi ka lang ba ready noon or ayaw mo lang talaga?'

What a question!

Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual are currently promoting their new movie, I’m Ellenya L., and it seems a little awkward considering they ended a “mutual understanding” last year.

On Tonight With Boy Abunda, Iñigo said it was because he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship at the time. “Maris was ready to give everything. She was ready to be in a relationship. I was in a situation where I just could not give that.”

He decided to focus on his career and family, which Maris understood and supported. But as host Boy Abunda asked, can’t a relationship be in the mix as well? “She needs someone who can be there for her. There were days when I couldn’t be there for her and I didn’t like that feeling.”

The last time Maris was on the show, she admitted that Iñigo broke her heart. She said it’s all good now and that she no longer felt any negative emotions towards him. But, upon the host’s prodding, she did have one question for Iñigo: “Hindi ka lang ba ready noon or ayaw mo lang talaga?” The audience went *wild* when she brought up the question.

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Iñigo’s answer? He really just wasn’t ready. “It broke my heart that it was the way it was. I tell you that. It makes me really sad. I’m in a situation where I literally—I take care of my mom. I’m her only son. My dad [Piolo Pascual], I just started to have a relationship with when I moved back here. It’s hard for me to jump into a relationship because I want to be able to give my time and the same amount of effort and love that the other person is giving. If I’m not able to give that, I’d rather not start something in the first place.”

Is there any chance that they would get back together? Maris said, “Happy ako kung ano mang mayroon kami ngayon pero hindi talaga natin malalaman kung ano ang [mangyayari in the] future.”

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