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Upcoming Film 'I'm Ellenya L.' Is So Relatable, Even If You're Embarrassed To Admit It

Would you also do anything to *get that content*?
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The annual Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino is almost here! One of the entries people are most excited about is I'm Ellenya L., which stars Maris Racal and Iñigo Pascual. There are hints of a love story, but the film mainly revolves around Ellenya Lakampati (Maris), who has one goal: to be a popular influencer-slash-vlogger. To succeed, she enlists the help of her best friend Stephen (Iñigo) to achieve her dream.

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The PPP festival will run from September 13-19, but this film is already hitting us right in the feels! Here's why it's sooooo relatable:  

The title itself is a wordplay on the phrase "I'm millennial." 

Did you notice that? Bet you didn't! Get ready for a lot of laughs, Millennials and Gen-Zs!

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Ellenya, like us, is determined to do everything for the 'gram!

In the trailer, Ellenya introduces herself to a ~*drone*~ camera and shows off her OOTD. However, it's not really a drone cam; it's a normal phone cam tied to a stick and held by her dad, who's standing on their roof!

Ellenya also takes a vid of herself riding a motorcycle, with her hair getting swept back by the wind. BUT, the motorcycle isn't really moving. Her "assistants" are running around and fanning her to create a wind effect. 

At one point, Stephen accuses Ellenya of "not being true to herself."

Sorry naman, Stephen. It's so hard! We have different personalities online—we're not the same on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. We can't really blame Ellenya. 

Admit it: You've thought about being a vlogger/influencer at least once. 

There's more to being a social media personality than just posting videos and photos! For example, do you know what social media insights are?

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You also need to have *connections*. In one of the promo videos for the film, Maris, aka Ellenya, stalks other influencers to see which ones she wants to collaborate with and even calls up Janina Vela. There's one problem: Janina doesn't know who she is! 

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In another vid, Ellenya teaches us how to be an influencer and how to gain more followers on Instagram. In fact, you can *buy* followers now! "Medyo mahal pero don't worry, investment 'yan para sa kinabukasan natin," Ellenya shares. 

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