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Markus Paterson On Janella Salvador: 'She's the love of my life'

'I've never been in love the way I am.'
PHOTO: Instagram/superjanella

ABS-CBN stars Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador went public with their relationship on September 12 with both of them posting sweet couple snaps on their respective Instagram accounts. And now, 22-year-old Markus finally spoke about his love for Janella in a vlog of his good friend Kyle Echarri. The interview started out with Markus talking about his depression, past mistakes with a former lover, and a low point he reached when he was only 19 years old.


A Timeline Of Janella Salvador And Markus Paterson's Relationship
Janella Salvador And Markus Paterson Make Their Relationship Insta-Official

The conversation then moved on to his relationship, with Kyle gushing over Markus' Insta video of him and Janella dancing: "I don't remember if I told you about this, man, but I am so happy, just ecstatic that you were able to post that! That you finally showed the world."

Markus then revealed that their decision to go Insta-official was because of the pressure from Janella and Joshua Garcia's fans for their love team to become ~real~. ICYDK, Janella and Joshua were love team partners and had *insane chemistry* in the hit 2019 teleserye, The Killer Bride.


"What the Philippine public has to understand that actors are humans too. It's their choice if they want to take the love team to a next level," Markus said. He then revealed that this is the reason why he and Janella will never work together: "She's the love of my life and I will never lose her to a fan's choice."

Markus closed off the vlog by talking about the overwhelming love he has for Janella: "What has kept me with Janella for over a year and eight months? I'm 22 years old, man, and I've never been in love the way I am. I've never felt the love that she makes me feel. I'm gonna sound like freakin' Jake Gyllenhaal in a movie scene: There is no one or nothing that could make me look at another woman the way that I look at her right now. Like, it's not even fair to my family how much I'm in love with this woman because I would put her above anything else. I don't know, man. It's hard to explain why I feel this way. And to the vague question why I'm still with her, it is because I couldn't live without her. That's as simple as it is."

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