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Matteo Guidicelli Is Extremely Excited To Start A Family With Sarah Geronimo

Matteo posted a heartfelt message on Instagram.
PHOTO: Instagram/matteog

We've all been pretty much on cloud nine ever since Matteo Guidicelli posted his "proposal" photos with Sarah Geronimo. All the more when Matteo's younger brother Paolo Guidicelli dropped the truth bomb about them actually being engaged for an entire year already. 

It looks like Matteo's super excited to tie the knot with the singer-actress. In an Instagram post today, he talked about how much he's looking forward to the next chapter of his life, starting a family with Sarah.


He thanked his family for welcoming Sarah like a daughter, saying, "Knowing she is loved and accepted in the family simply fills up my heart with joy."

Things haven't always been smooth-sailing, though, with him and Sarah. He went on to share just how much Sarah has grown, through the years they've been together. 

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"Sarah has been tough. I saw her grow, mature, and develop into an independent beautiful woman that I am extremely proud of!" Matteo wrote. "My love, thank you."

He also shared just how much he yearns for the day that both his and Sarah's families can "sit around a dinner table and simply celebrate life." During Matteo's guesting on then talk show Kris TV back in January 2016, Kris Aquino mentioned that Sarah's parents initially disapproved of him.

Matteo also gave a personal message to Sarah's parents, talking about his love for her and his pure intentions. 

"Tito Delfin and Tita Divine, if there have been hard feelings or events that were not supposed to happen in the past, I humbly apologize. I assure you that I will give Sarah a happy life with the best of my capabilities. With pure, honest love and respect. We wish to move forward with our life plans and begin this brand new chapter of our life."


"Mahal na mahal ko po si Sarah. Mahal ko din po kayong magulang niya at mga kapatid niya. Hangad ko po na maging isang pamilya tayo. Pangako ko po na aalagan ko si Sarah na kapareho ng pangangalaga niyo sa kanya."

Aww. We wish nothing but the best for you, Matteo and Sarah!