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A Timeline Of Maymay Entrata And Edward Barber's Super *Kilig* Love Team

This cute ~love story~ began in 2016!
PHOTO: (LEFT) YouTube/ABS-CBN Entertainment, (RIGHT) Mark Jesalva

Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, also known as MayWard, are truly one of this generation's cutest and *happiest* love teams, and we sure can't get enough of them! Here's how it all started: 

2016: Maymay and Edward were contestants on Pinoy Big Brother.

They were both housemates during the PBB Lucky 7 season of the show! Maymay eventually emerged as the show's Big Winner while Edward placed fourth. 

November 24, 2016: Edward posted about Maymay on Instagram for the first time.

And it's none other than a prank video! CUTIEPIES. 


March 2017: Maymay admitted that she had a crush on Edward!

During an episode of PBB, Maymay revealed that she really admired Edward! Aww. 

September 13, 2017: Maymay and Edward starred in their first movie, Loving In Tandem.

They played the roles of Shine (Maymay), a happy-go-lucky girl who wishes for true love, and Luke (Edward), a Fil-Am balikbayan who's grumpy and kinda rebellious. Despite the differences in their personalities and their cultures, Shine and Luke end up falling for each other! 

September 14, 2017: Edward asked Maymay to be his date to the Star Magic Ballon TV!

He ~got down on one knee~ a few weeks before the ball, during their guesting on the talk show Magandang Buhay! The expression on Maymay's face is absolutely priceless. Watch the kilig moment here: 

September 30, 2017: The love team attended their first Star Magic Ball together.

Guys, they were so adorable on the red carpet! 

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December 2017: They made their teleserye debut on La Luna Sanggre.

They played Apple (Maymay), the half-sister of Daniel Padilla's character, and Colin (Edward), a guy who becomes Apple's bodyguard! Here's a clip of their very first scene: 

May 2018: For her 21st birthday, Edward's gift to Maymay was a trip to Bali!

They went to Indonesia with Edward's parents! They were supposed to attend a friend's wedding in the US, but Maymay's visa wasn't approved on time. So, Edward asked his dad if they could all go take a vacation in Bali for Maymay's birthday instead. 


July 27, 2018: Maymay attended the graduation of Edward's older sis Laura.

Laura Barber finished college at the University Of Warwick in London. She and Maymay have a super close bond, and at times, Edward gets jealous of their friendshipIt came to a point where Edward would say, "Sige kayo na, my sister doesn't have time for me because of you." Aww, bb. 


October 2018: Edward revealed that Maymay is his first love.

During his guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Edward was asked, "Sino ang first love mo?" And without even a moment's hesitation, Edward answered: "Maymay." 

April 21, 2019: The love team's first mini-teleserye premiered on TV! 

The fantasy weekend series, Hiwaga Ng Kambat, tells the story of cursed twins: One looks normal but has the worst attitude while the other has the features of a bat but has the purest heart. Edward plays the role of Ikinghe's blind and he literally transforms into a bat at night! Maymay took on the role of Sarah, his best friend. 

In an interview with Inquirer, Edward revealed that it was Maymay who urged him to take on the role! He was hesitant because the role involved a lot of Tagalog lines and fight scenes, but Maymay was there to encourage him. 

August 7, 2019: They celebrated their third year anniversary a love team.

Maymay and Edward took to Instagram to thank their fans for the support!  "Happy anniversary sa mahal naming MayWard Family!" Maymay wrote. "Sa pamilyang patuloy na binibigyan kami ng rason para mas maging thankful sa kung anong journey ang naabot natin.


September 15, 2019: Vice Ganda tried to convince the pair to reveal their real relationship. 

Vice Ganda wanted to know what the real score was between them. Edward said, "Sa ngayon hindi ko pa puwede sabihin kasi nirerespeto ko si Maymay at yung pamilya niya." He said that he's just waiting for Maymay's response, so stay tuned! 

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