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WATCH: Mimiyuuuh Gets To Be Heart Evangelista For A Day

Mimiyuuuh got a head-to-toe makeover care of Heart!

Vlogger Mimiyuuuh got to be Heart Evangelista for a day!

In her latest vlog, Mimiyuuuh dropped by Heart’s home as the vlogger and the fashionista spent a day together.

The first order of business was a makeover. Welcoming Mimiyuuuh in her enviable walk-in closet, Heart greeted her guest with matching bathrobes to change into. 

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Mimiyuuuh then tried out some of Heart’s clothes: a Christian Dior bralette, a skirt from Heart’s Kamiseta collection, a pair of Gucci sunglasses, a Chanel tweed jacket, and a the famous Himalayan Croc Hermes Birkin bag.

While Mimiyuuuh didn’t end up wearing Heart’s sweet threads, she did, however, get a makeover from Heart herself.

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Wearing a Bumgarner Studios outfit, Mimiyuuuh and Heart headed out to Mark Bumgarner’s store opening. Watch Mimiyuuuh’s day out with Heart here:

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